Comment worth noting: another anti-CAIR demonstration planned today

Once again we have heard from Abdirizak Bihi, one of the Minneapolis Somali leaders who has criticized the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) for impeding the investigation into the missing Somali, former refugee, youths believed to have gone to Somalia for terrorist training.  See Mr. Bihi’s earlier comment to RRW, here.

Mr. Bihi is urging people to attend a rally today in Minneapolis to protest “CAIR’s bullying” and to stand up to whoever is brainwashing their kids:

Freedom Rally to Protest The Murder of Burhan Hassan And the Other Somali American Kids Brainwashed and stolen from their Parents as well as C.A.I.R’ Bullying

Stand Up for The Human Rights of Burhan Hassan and The Somali Kids Stolen in the Dark of a Night from Their Mothers Who Fled With Them to USA. They (Terrorists) snatched
The Kids and Thrown them back into Hellfire That Genocides Poor, Innocent Left Behind Somalis in Somalia.

Be Present. Keep Somali American Name Up
DO NO Let CAIR Patronize YOU!

Everyone who loves Freedom is Welcome.
Bring a Friend and Your American Flag!

When: Sat July 4th 09 (Independence Day)

Where: Brian Cole Center
420 15th Ave So, Mpls MN 55454
Time: 2.00pm (After Noon Prayer)
Please, Contact A Bihi 612 267-1016,
Mohamed 612 227-3801 or
Ahmed 952-994-0089
Let’s Walk for Life and Liberty. How’s that?

To readers new to this issue:   This is a big deal—it takes an enormous amount of courage for any Muslim (or any political figure for that matter!) in the US to stand up to CAIR!

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