University of New Hampshire releases new study on refugees in that state

Here is the press release last week (the link to the report is in the release).  I only had time to skim it, but it looks like the same old story—refugees need more help from Washington (that means you the taxpayer).  It is taken as a given that the Federal government is going to send more refugees to your town, and you won’t have much to say about it.   Reform of the program doesn’t go beyond getting more “resources” ($$$$) for refugees, which of course will be passed-through the NGO  resettlement contractor monopoly!

If you read the report and find they actually go beyond the standard talking points for so-called reform, let me know.    No one ever asks basic questions  like:  how did we go from private charity to government sponsored charity for refugees, why doesn’t a local community have some say about how many refugees a locale can handle, or why religious groups are getting funded for this work, or why there are so many cases of refugees placed in substandard housing and crime-ridden neighborhoods,  or are there some cultures that are never going to be compatible with American culture, or how about discussing the unhappy refugees and whether they might like to return to their homeland?

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