“Refugees” caught faking documents to get in line for resettlement

Not surprising to anyone, here is a little report from Nepal (Jhapa region where the Beldangi refugee camp is located) that tells us the police have arrested five for preparing fake documents to help non-Bhutanese get in line for resettlement—likely to the US since we take the largest numbers of Bhutanese refugees.

Five people including a former camp secretary have been arrested for attempting to process non Bhutanese for the resettlement.

The Police raided a hotel at Damak 11 and rounded up two refugees and three Nepali nationals yesterday night. Those arrested refugees include Deo Raj Pradhan,the former secretary of Beldangi II and Makar Bahadur Gurung of the same camp.

For all the talk about how Homeland Security thoroughly screens refugees, we really don’t know who is getting into the US.  Which reminds me!  I forgot to post on something a while back.   Here it is now.

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