Book: CAIR covered up immigration fraud by their own “attorney”

As I told you last week, here, I’m working my way through the hot new book about the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) entitled “Muslim Mafia: Inside the Secret Underworld That’s Conspiring to Islamize America,” and a chapter dealing with Muslim immigrants interests me.

CAIR hired a Muslim convert for its immigration law work at the offices of its Maryland/Virginia chapter by the name of Jamil Morris Days.   If you recall there was a big flurry in the news, generated by CAIR, a couple of years ago about how federal Immigration officials were slow to process citizenship papers for Muslim immigrants since 9/11. 

It turns out that one of the reasons was that this lawyer, who turned out to be a fraud, was taking thousands of dollars from poor Muslim immigrants to process their papers and then did nothing.   Days wasn’t even a lawyer!   The whole scam came to light only when about 30 victims of Days’ scam threatened to sue CAIR and CAIR responded by closing the office and basically tried to wipe out all records of the wrongdoing.

Here is a little passage from the book:

When CAIR discovered the fraud, it joined the fraud by covering it up and deliberately set out to conceal the truth about Days, not just from the authorities and the media, but from the clients he defrauded.  The only thing CAIR’s headquarters told his defrauded clients when they called was that he no longer worked for CAIR. That’s it.

Why?  In a word, money.  Immigration cases are big business for CAIR, a hook for bringing in fundraising revenue, which CAIR desperately needs.  Immigrants account for a large segment of the Muslim community.  If word got out that CAIR mishandles their cases, even steals from them, it would hurt donations from the community at large.

I would add that immigrants also account for large numbers of voters as well!

Read this book, it is jaw-dropping—thanks to young (brave!) Chris Gaubatz who infiltrated CAIR and came out with boxes of documentation about this supposed defender of Muslim civil rights.

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