Australia: Debate rages over Muslim ‘ethnic enclaves’

Here is a short news film (click on ‘ethnic enclaves’) from Australia (hat tip: BL) that attempts to give both sides of a debate that began when a former immigration minister charged that Muslims are not assimilating in Australia.   As BL pointed out to me, the film demonstrates a growing problem and controversy in Australia where Muslim immigration is on the rise.  

The former immigration minister, Kevin Andrews, says the lack of assimilation by Muslims must be discussed openly and sounds quite reasonable.  Meanwhile a university professor expressing support for Muslims calls those questioning the ethnic enclaves “rednecks” and “those dog whistle people” .  I would have to go back and listen again, but I didn’t hear Mr. Andrews use any pejorative terms.  Typical Leftist strategy—demonize the opposition rather than counter with arguments.

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