Won’t amnesty for illegal aliens hurt legal refugees?

That is a question that has been bothering me for some time.  We know for a fact (the IRC told us in ‘Refugee Horrors in Houston’) as few as 20% of the legal refugees entering the US are finding work in some areas of the country.  So, if 12 million, or whatever the number is these days, workers are legalized overnight won’t that just add to an already huge pressure on legal immigrants (and Americans!) finding work?   So why do the NON-PROFIT refugee resettlement agencies continue to lobby for amnesty?

An article about Homeland Security head honcho Janet Napolitano saying the Administration was ready to push Comprehensive Immigration Reform (Amnesty) on Friday got me thinking about this again.

The Obama administration expects Congress to begin moving to overhaul the nation’s immigration laws early next year, while improved border security and a drop in migration caused by the economic downturn make passage “far more attainable” than in 2007, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said Friday.

“When Congress is ready to act, we will be ready to support them,” said Napolitano, President Obama’s “point-person” on immigration policy issues. “The first part of 2010, we will see legislation beginning to move,” she said.

Napolitano’s speech, delivered Friday morning at the liberal-leaning Center for American Progress, was aimed at Latino advocates who have bridled at her rhetorical emphasis on enforcement in her first 10 months in office, and expressed skepticism that Obama would fulfill a campaign pledge to push for a “comprehensive” package.

LOL!  To learn more about he “liberal-leaning Center for American Progress” go here.

Huh?  She says this is the time to work on this legislation because the job market is tight!  So, we legalize overnight 12 million people and add more to the unemployment numbers?  That’s a good plan?  Makes me think that she too is an admirer of the Cloward-Piven strategy.

“We will never have fully effective law enforcement or national security as long as so many millions remain in the shadows,” Napolitano said.

At the same time, Napolitano sought to reframe the debate from past years, saying lawmakers’ earlier demands that the government improve “enforcement first” have been met, and arguing that the time to work on immigration issues is when a sluggish economy is dampening illegal migration, not when rapid job growth is fueling it.

Refugee resettlement contractors lobbying for Amnesty, why?

Now how can the US Conference of Catholic Bishops, perhaps the largest refugee resettlement contractor in the United States, be lobbying for more employment competition for the thousands of refugees they are contracted to care for who are living unemployed and in squalor in some cases.  It makes no sense!

“The president and his administration need to make it clear that immigration reform is a priority and must be acted upon during this Congress,” said John Wester, chairman of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops and bishop of the diocese of Salt Lake City. “Hopefully this is the beginning of a campaign by the administration to get legislation moving.”

I want to remind readers that the Obama Administration has taken the lead in pushing Amnesty, they are just making it look like they are leaving it to Congress (just as they did with health reform).  Please note that in August Ms. Napolitano called all of the open borders groups and big businesses together at the White House to give them marching orders.  Why are the USCCB, World Relief, and Church World Service to name a few, lobbying with big businesses that surely want to keep labor costs low by having a huge pool of workers available?  Are they helping immigrants, especially refugees, or helping big business and big labor?

So what about groups like the Bowling Green International Center?  In, without a doubt, the most read and inflamed debate we have had for awhile, here, I wonder how it is that this obviously ‘over-its-head’ refugee contractor could have justified organizing a demonstration and lobbying campaign in Bowling Green in 2006 to push for Amnesty.

… have a look at this Form 990 for 2006 where 87% of this group (whatever its name is) was funded by taxpayers.   Yet, here they are involved in lobbying for an Amnesty for illegal aliens bill before Congress that year!

I honestly do not get the logic in this.  The only thing that makes sense is that these supposedly non-profit, but largely funded by taxpayers (that includes the USCCB) groups, see this as a way of expanding their “businesses” supplying labor to big businesses (like the meatpackers!) and supposedly services to immigrants hidden from public scrutiny by a presumption of good intentions.

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