Oklahoma Catholic Charities is rolling in money

How is it that Catholic Charities is leaving refugees in the lurch in many cities, crying that they need more federal funding, when they have money for a whole new “campus” for their assorted businesses in places like Oklahoma (in the recession, no less), here?

And, wasn’t it an opening of a new Catholic center in Pittsburgh that brought out the refugee demonstrators, here?

Maybe because Catholic Charities got $85,557,665 from the taxpayers they have loads of money to construct buildings; they don’t need to bother their parishioners for the needs of the struggling refugees they resettle (not to mention American poor people).  I get it, patting themselves on the back, they acquire the money for poor people from the government and use their privately-donated funds for construction projects.

But, then again, building edifices has always been something the Catholic Church is famous for.

I just remembered something!  I saw an article a few weeks ago!  It seems that Catholics in Oklahoma City are questioning the close ties the church there has developed with Saul Alinsky’s old outfit, and Obama’s earlier employer, the Industrial Areas Foundation, here.  Obviously some Catholics are catching on!

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