Somali teens appear in court in MN triple-murder case

This is the latest from Minneapolis on the supposed robbery gone wrong that we reported here  just over a week ago.

From the Minneapolis Star Tribune:

More than 200 East African immigrants tried to squeeze into back-to-back Hennepin County court sessions Friday for two teenage Somali boys facing murder charges in the shooting deaths of three men last week at a Seward neighborhood store.

More than half those who came to support the families of the victims and the defendants had to wait outside as Mahdi Hassan Ali, 17, and his friend, Ahmed Shire Ali, 17, appeared before a judge for the first time since the Jan. 6 shootings at the Seward Market and Halal Meats in south Minneapolis. (The teenagers are friends and not related.)

During separate hearings, District Judge Gary Larson set bail at $3 million for each.

Mahdi Ali was the alleged gunman in what authorities have described as a robbery turned fatal. Ahmed Ali allegedly confined two people to the back of the store while his friend robbed and shot the men up front, according to a criminal complaint.

A reader sent  me the criminal complaint but it sure looks like if they planned to simply rob the place they started killing before they even gave the victims a chance to give them any money.  Maybe there is more to this story than just a couple of crazy kids gone wrong.

You can read the whole story in the Star Tribune.  It is one more sordid Somali crime. 

If you didn’t see it yesterday, see the story of the crazy Maine Somali Mom, driving without a valid license, who runs down a high school student in Lewiston.

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