Three Somalis murdered by cold-blooded killers in Minneapolis this week

Update September 12, 2011:  Trial opens today for one of the suspects, here.

Update January 16th:  Somali teens arrested in the case appear in court, here.

Update January 10th:  First arrest made in the murder here.

Update January 9th:  Vigil held, victim’s sister says they will get the murderers, here.

Several people sent me this story yesterday about another what is believed to be Somali on Somali crime in Minnesota where multiculturalism strengthens communities (yes, that is what we are told, so it must be so!).  I didn’t get around to posting it yesterday, now I’m behind on the story, so, readers, let me know if there is an update today.

Police continue to search for at least two suspects — Police Chief Tim Dolan called them “cold-blooded killers” — in Wednesday night’s shootings of three men at a south Minneapolis grocery store.

At a Thursday morning news conference, Dolan called the suspects dangerous and urged anyone with information about the killings at Seward Market and Halal Meats to come forward.

Police said they don’t know the motive behind the killings but believe it was an apparent failed robbery at a south Minneapolis market.

And, look who we have spinning the news again, why it’s Omar Jamal (who else!).  We first encountered Jamal making sure the media got the right angle two years ago and I’ve called him the Somali Jesse Jackson in the past.  Use our search function for ‘Omar Jamal’ and you will see what I mean!   And, heck, he was supposed to be working at the UN by now, what’s up with that?

“This is very, very tragic, and beyond my comprehension that there’s this level of violence in the community,” said Omar Jamal, a community activist who has overseen the Somali Justice Advocacy Center in St. Paul.

“We don’t know what to make out of it,” he said. “Somehow, if it involved gangs, then people could somewhat understand this. But it now looks like … law-abiding Somali citizens are falling victim to this violence. … Makes me feel like no one is safe out there. … This is completely out of character for the community.”

Violence followed us to America!

As word of the shooting spread, Bihi said a woman called him to express sorrow.

“She said it’s unfortunate that we fled from violence and here we are trying to make our dreams come true. And then the violence follows us here.”

Note there is no clarification of what she is talking about.  They are always the victims and making it sound like somehow it’s America’s fault (maybe the reporter is doing that).  But, she must be referring to clan violence and warfare that we have brought to America right along with the tens of  thousands of Somali refugees the State Department has invited.*

Our friend Jerry Gordon at New English Review addresses that possibility here at his post on this case this morning.

*For new readers :

The US State Department has admitted over 80,000 Somali refugees to the US (this linked post continues to be one of the most widely read posts we have ever written) in the last 25 years and then last year had to suspend family reunification because widespread immigration fraud was revealed through DNA testing.  That specific program has not yet been reopened (that we know of), but will be soon.  Nevertheless, thousands of Somali Muslims continue to be resettled as I write this.

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