Partners Against Hate is a federal initiative

Recently I told you about the Center for the Prevention of Hate Violence from Portland, ME  and how it was going to be traveling to four cities to help get citizens’ minds right about the huge immigrant populations in their midst.  The four cities are Boise, ID, Ft. Wayne, IN, Manchester, NH and Frederick, MD.   

They plan to bring the supposed success story of Lewiston, ME to each city and say, ‘you see, this city can get along with its mostly Somali immigrants, so why can’t you get along with your immigrants?’

I wanted to know who was funding this project to obviously play the race card and badger cities.

Since Frederick, MD is nearby and since so far Frederick has not had a big refugee problem (that we know of!), I wondered why they targeted Frederick.  I do think it’s all part of the plan to kill the 287g program which allows the local sheriff to participate in the deportation of illegal aliens arrested there.  Frederick is the only county in Maryland to undertake that program and open borders advocates want to kill it in Frederick before it catches on in other Maryland counties.

So, if these so-called non-profits like the Far Left Center for the Prevention of Hate Violence wants to run around the country telling other cities how to stop being so hateful (and by the way, Portland, ME has a big immigrant against immigrant crime problem) and they do it with private money, well, this is a free country and they are free to do so.  

To be very clear, the initiative is not aimed at keeping hate violence under control between ethnic immigrant groups!   As a matter of fact, I might not be so suspicious of their agenda if they announced they were going to sort out the ethnic tension going on in places like Grand Island, NE where the Somalis have pitted themselves against other immigrant groups in that city.

Here is the kicker!

According to the Partners Against Hate website  (and here) a friend sent me yesterday, the whole political initiative is coming from the US Justice Department.   The Center for the Prevention of Hate Violence obviously has a federal grant or contract funded by you—the taxpayer—to promote the message that the four cities chosen are racist and hateful places.

And, by the way, there isn’t even a Form 990 for the Partners Against Hate, but it appears they receive money from a quasi-government agency the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights Education Fund (Form 990, here).

No wonder our country is broke!  The average citizen or Tea Party activist has no clue how much of their money is laundered through myriad supposed non-profits that are  nothing more than tentacles of big government promoting a Far Left agenda!

P.S.  When they arrive in Frederick to hold public meetings, I plan to be in attendance with the whole truth about Lewiston, ME.  Anyone, in those three other cities who is interested, contact me, and we can coordinate making sure the citizens of Boise, Ft. Wayne and Manchester get the whole story about Lewiston and the Center for the Prevention of Hate Violence’s home town—Portland, ME.

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