No Muslim charity in Saudi Arabia (again)

Some time ago, the UN had published a report about how Islam was the model for charity toward the refugee.  I said it wasn’t true and cited many examples, here, where Muslim nations were throwing out refugees or otherwise treating them badly —even those who shared the Muslim faith.

Here then is one more example of a Muslim country, Saudi Arabia, trying to keep its country pure for Muslim Arabs only.  Come to think of it they won’t even take their Arab brothers—the Palestinians—so it stands to reason that they would deport African Muslims.

Nairobi, Kenya (AHN) – Saudi Arabia has deported more than 120 Somali migrants to the Somali capital, Mogadishu.

The migrants arrived at the Aden Ade International Airport Wednesday morning.

The refugees were jailed several months ago by Saudi Arabian security.

Real nice, huh, they dropped them right back into Mogadishu.

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