Garden City, KS: No assimilation even in death

Here we go again, more demands for accommodation of Islam by Muslim immigrants.   In Garden City, KS members of the “Muslim Community” have asked the town fathers for a special section of the local municipal cemetery just for Muslims!

From the Garden City Telegram:

Several leaders from the local Muslim community have made a request to Garden City officials that a section of Valley View Cemetery be dedicated to members of their monotheistic faith.

Leaders from the Burmese [so we are resettling Burmese Muslims-ed], Somali and Ethiopian communities presented a letter to City Commissioner Nancy Harness during a Saturday meeting of the Coalition of Ethnic Minorities detailing their request to create a burial ground that is separate from the rest of the cemetery by either a fence or other structure around the designated ground.

The leaders, who identified the number of Muslims in Garden City at about 500 and also represent Arab and Eritrean families, said they are exploring their options at this time for burial grounds in the area.

Harness, who passed along the request to fellow commissioners during a public meeting Tuesday, said while she was surprised by it, she understood their concerns.

“I think they’re excited about what they’re finding here and want to stay and raise their families,” Harness told commissioners, adding that, like everyone else, the Islamic community’s burial needs need to be fulfilled.

Read the whole story.  Apparently a hundred years ago the cemetery did have separate sections for different Christian faiths but abandoned that a long time ago.  We will be waiting to see what the Commissioners decide.

Dear Commissioner Harness,  Please learn about the stealth Jihad and Islamic supremacism.  You can start here and learn about a recent meeting in Canada of 3000 Somalis who make it very clear (among themselves) that they are not looking to be one of us.  What they are excited about is taking over your little “village.”

Here is what a Somali woman told us yesterday:

So to recap everything that I said previously, the Somalis are a people that are surely doing whatever they want and can under the Canadian and American governments’ noses without being publicaly noticed. There is practically no notice at all. The Somalis actually number more than 200,000 in Canada and about the same in the United States yet the public census (from 1998) says 3,000 Somali individuals at all. Somalis disturbingly call their immigration to certain countries or cities as “invasions” and they call cities with no or little Somali populations as “Tuulas” or “villages” because they have little or no Somali population. The City of Mississauga [Canada]  has a relatively small but growing Somali population, this is a classic example of “Tuulas” or villages to the Somalis until “degnaan” or “settlement” happens. They are seriously colonizing North America in large populations. So you see the problem here, there is no assimilation but there is colonization a dangerous thing that is being done to North America in almost a matter of months.

Stealth Jihad is the gradual establishment of Shariah law, by small and incremental steps eg. the demand for a separate section of the local public cemetery.

Somali refugee gets 20 years in Vermont child rape case

Update June 4th: I see that Brenda Walker writing at Limits to Growth has more on this story.

His lawyer had the nerve to suggest that he should be excused because Somali culture (religion?)* somehow views child rape differently than we do!  Ahhhhhh!

Here is the whole short story from WCAX in Burlington, VT:

Ali Abdi, a leader in the Somal Bantu community in Burlington, was sentenced Wednesday to 20 years to life in prison for sexual assault on a nine year old girl, despite pleas to the judge from two of his children.

Abdi had taken off during his trial, and was captured out of state. [Update: here is the older story when he fled Vermont.]  The jury was not told he ran away. He was convicted.

Abdi’s lawyer argued that the case has to be viewed as different from others, because Abdi comes from a different cultural background. Erik Smart told the judge that Abdi fled Somalia and spent thirteen years in a refugee camp before arriving in Burlington. Smart says the Somali Bantu community has forgiven Abdi.

“I would venture to say this community views this crime differently than our own community would,” Smart told the court.

Prosecutor Susan Hardin argued that cultural differences do not excuse a crime.

“It is critical that the Somali Bantu community and all the others in Chittenden County be sent a very clear message: if you sexually assault our children, there will be severe consequences,” Hardin said.

Two of Abdi’s children approached the bench to speak with the judge on their father’s behalf. But Judge Patricia Zimmerman sentenced Abdi to 20 years to life.

* Maybe just a coincidence but readers should know that Muhammad consummated his marriage to Aisha when she was 9 years old.

ORR! Where is the Annual Report?

The Office of Refugee Resettlement is years behind in producing its legally required Annual Report to Congress.  This document, among other things, will reveal what the refugee resettlement program is costing us.  It will include statistics on welfare use by refugees and whether they are finding employment.

I urge readers to have a look at some of the annual reports here.

The most recent report to Congress is for 2007!!!  Just imagine we are in FY2010, deep into a recession, and they haven’t even gotten out 2008!

Meanwhile the ORR is getting ready for its big shindig in Washington, DC next week at which they will celebrate 30 years of this program with a select group of  friends.

New Hampshire audit reveals improper spending for refugees

Your tax dollars:

This story is a few weeks old but I just saw it this morning at Friends of Refugees blog.   A recent audit of New Hampshire’s budget has uncovered excess spending for refugees in some cases and not the correct spending in other cases.

From the Nashua Telegraph:

CONCORD – The state improperly gave refugees cash or health insurance benefits that the individuals were not entitled to but underpaid to compensate for housing costs, according to a critical audit of the state Office of Energy and Planning.

The audit, released Tuesday, blamed the problem on a lack of worker training and understanding of state law.

Two federally contracted resettlement agencies bring 300-400* (according to this article) refugees to New Hampshire each year to primarily 4 cities.

Two nonprofit groups, Lutheran Social Services of New Hampshire and the International Institute of New Hampshire, process the refugees once they arrive in New Hampshire.

Since 2002, Nashua ranks as the state’s fourth most popular home for refugees behind Manchester – the overwhelming leader – Concord and Laconia.

Nearly 1/4 of refugees were ineligible for benefits they received from the state, others didn’t get benefits they should have.   By the way, I think they call this “unfunded mandates” by the federal government.   The cost to New Hampshire for refugees nearly doubled last year according to the audit.

Auditors found 22 percent of recipients checked for testing purposes were ineligible for refugee benefits.


The budget called for refugee assistance last year to total $759,575 but the deep recession helped actual grants to be nearly double that amount, almost $1.3 million.

Read it all.

* Readers may be interested in the real numbers of refugees going to your states.  See the Office of Refugee Resettlement statistics here.

For New Hampshire these are the real numbers (note they are receiving more refugees during a recession than when times were good):

2009:  559

2008:  521

2007:  250

2006:  271

2005:  311

2004:  561

African refugees struggle in Arizona, no jobs, numbers rising quickly

And, older African refugees have a hard time culturally.  Those are the basic themes of a story we have heard all too often.

From PhxSoul:

While Arizona continues to make headlines as a hotbed for immigration issues, concerns about African immigrants in Phoenix do not always garner the same attention afforded to the larger Latino population, or the predominant African American community.

African immigrants residing in the Phoenix metropolitan area—many of them refugees resettled here by the U.S. government–are a compact pan-African group of less than 20,000, according to the 2008 American Community Survey. They enrich Phoenix culture from an impressive array of nations, from West Africa (Sierra Leone, Liberia and Nigeria to East (Sudan, Somalia and Ethiopia), and from the central continent (Democratic Republic of the Congo, Rwanda and Tanzania), to South Africa—plus many other countries.

Life in this arid new land is especially trying for many older African immigrants. They find themselves far from often strife-ridden homelands, unable to find work and facing barriers of language and mobility. Adding to their stress are daily confrontations with a generation of Americanized children, who seem to turn traditional values upside down.


Among the African immigrants in the Valley, the main population increase has come from refugees escaping brutal circumstances at home. According to the federal Office of Refugee Resettlement, the overall refugee population in Arizona more than doubled from 2006 to 2009 to 4,327.

Refugees resettled in the Phoenix area are not only from multiple African countries, but include large numbers from Iraq and Burma, as well as other strife-torn nations.

Jobs Are Scarce

The recession is having a strong impact on employment for Arizona’s refugees. Finding jobs for immigrants is a primary concern for the state-contracted refugee resettlement agencies, which bring a large portion of Africans to the Valley.

Only one in three of people in the refugee caseload entered the workforce in 2009, the lowest level in three years for the Office for Refugee Resettlement. Those who landed work received an average hourly wage of $7.17.

Read on.