Two would-be jihadists nabbed by feds as they leave NJ for Somalia

Update June 13th: Many readers will recognize this photo published again today at Gateway Pundit, Death to all Juice, turns out that the guy with the sign is one of these Jersey Jihadists!

Update June 8th: Somali professor blames it on the internet and radicalization at mosques, here.

Update June 7th: The Star Ledger tells us more about the Jersey Jihadists, here.   Almonte converted to Islam about 5 years ago.

Update: Fox News is reporting that Alessa is of Palestinian descent and was born here.   Almonte they say was born in the Dominican Republic.

Breaking News this morning!   Two young men, both American citizens, were intercepted by the feds as they attempted to board a plane to join Al-Shabaab in Somalia.

Here is a bit of a very detailed story about Operation Arabian Knight from The Star Ledgers’

Two New Jersey men intent on killing American troops were arrested Saturday as they boarded flights to link up with a virulent jihadist group in Somalia, authorities said.

The men, both North Jersey residents, were charged with conspiring to commit an act of international terrorism through a group tied to Osama bin Laden’s al Qaeda network, according to officials familiar with the details of the arrests.

Mohamed Hamoud Alessa, 20, of North Bergen, and Carlos Eduardo Almonte, 26, of Elmwood Park were apprehended at John F. Kennedy International Airport in Queens before they could board separate flights to Egypt, where they were to start journeys to Somalia. The men were arrested by teams of state and federal law-enforcement agents who have been investigating the pair since October 2006, according to the officials, who requested anonymity because they are not authorized to discuss the operation publicly.

Late Saturday night, the state homeland security agency confirmed a police action at the airport but gave few details.

The case is similar to the one we have reported ad nauseam from Minnesota since 2008 (just search RRW for ‘somali missing youths’).

Authorities said the men planned to wage jihad as part of a Somalia-based Islamist terror group called al Shabaab, an organization of several thousand fighters spread through Somalia’s southern region. Al Shabaab, whose full Arabic name means “Mujahideen Youth Movement,” has had ties to al Qaeda since 2007, according to national security experts.*

Last year, federal authorities in Minnesota charged 14 men connected to a plot designed to entice young Americans to join up with al Shabaab. And, in February, the New York Times reported the group announced it was joining forces with the ‘’international jihad of Al Qaeda.”

As in the Minnesota case, investigators believe Alessa and Almonte were recruited by others, who are also now coming under scrutiny. “We hope this will lead to a spider web of arrests,” said one official briefed on the case.

* Isn’t that amusing, now national security experts say they knew since 2007 that Al Shabaab was connected to international terrorist groups like Al Qaeda!  Why didn’t they report that to the Senate Homeland Security Committee hearings that I attended in March 2009, here?   Senators Lieberman and Collins were very happy to hear from national security experts that the Somali missing youths were NOT connected with international terrorism.

Just a reminder that Somali reader Khadra has said that many Somali Muslim men born in the US (Hispanics too it looks like based on the name Carlos Almonte) have no intention of assimilating and are hellbent on violent Jihad.

More news! Jerry Gordon just sent this report from the Investigative Project on Terrorism on the Somali terrorist threat!  By the way, the man interviewed in this report was at the Senate hearings in 2009 and warned the Senators about the real threat—that trained Jihadists with US passports would come back!   The wheels of government work ever so slowly.

Related story yesterday: Somali Smuggler Walks, here.

Bilderbergers pow-wow in Spain

Update June 8th: You know how I mentioned in this post that Muslim countries and China weren’t there. Well they are working on their New World Order too—Conference on Interaction and Confidence Building Measures in Asia—and look who is at the on-going conference—Ahmahdinejad.

It wasn’t that long ago that if you said the word—Bilderberger—you were some crazy conspiracy nut case, but I see this year’s Bilderberger meeting, closing today in Spain, is all over the news.

Researchers believe that the gist of what these movers and shakers and big money people are doing is protecting their wealth and picking their own for leadership positions around the world—in addition to controlling world financial markets and aiming for a one-world form of government.  (That is how it ties in to immigrants and refugees, they need to erase national borders, control cheap labor and diminish state sovereignty.)

This year’s meeting is so out in the open, here is the list of participants.

Now check out this somewhat amusing description at the UK Guardian of what has gone on outside the posh Spanish resort where the participants were whisked in through tunnels and in limos with darkened windows.  The press (some of the press) has finally caught on:

Bilderberg is an absurdity. The secrecy is absurd. The lack of a relationship between the event and the mainstream media is absurd. Ivan standing alone by his roundabout bed is absurd. The paranoia of the participants is more than absurd – it’s pathetic.

This year, most of the delegates were whisked into the hotel through an underground entrance, dodging the lenses, like a bunch of James Bond baddies, like a dieter creeping downstairs at midnight to eat chocolate cake from the fridge.


But the good news is that not everyone has dodged the cameras (John Elkann, the heir to Fiat, was spotted by the German blog Schall und Rauch looking particularly dapper this year). And the even better news – the very best news – is that the press seems, finally, to have woken up to Bilderberg.

We have had camera crews from Spanish TV and Spanish newspapers both local and national (Javier from El Mundo is currently up a tree with a camera). French journalists, Portuguese documentary makers and al-Jazeera are picking up the story. Russia Today has sent a film crew.

We’ve had articles in the Independent and the Times, and on the Today programme on Radio 4. Daniel Estulin has been doing interview after interview. He’s getting quotes from inside the meeting. The veil of secrecy is looking decidedly tatty. It might be time to bin it.

Read the whole article, there is lots more.

One other thing that is not so amusing is the mention of al-Jazeera.  Those reporters will probably notice that there are virtually no Muslim business honchos there (except maybe one from Turkey), no Saudi movers and shakers.  No Chinese either!  I have a sneaking feeling that countries like Saudi Arabia and Iran and Jordan have no plans to join a bunch of corporatist* (elitist) one-worlders who are bent on wiping out borders in order to save their bags of money while pretending to care about humanity.

* Judy described ‘corporatists’ here a year ago this week.  These are generally big businesses (note Google and Microsoft bigwigs are Bilderbergers) who understand that they need to control government as a way of protecting their financial empires, so it makes sense that since the economy is now a global one, they need to help set up a global government to continue their favored position.   I don’t know exactly when corportists first began having power but I recently read Amity Shlaes The Forgotten Man and we know that in Roosevelt’s New Deal certain insider businesses were able to cut out the competition through their close association with government.

For more, just google ‘Bilderberg.’  Here is one of many articles that tells more about this year’s meeting of the cabal.

By the way, I’m betting the Bilderbergers don’t like the Tea Party movement!