The Three Terrors: From Tennessee to Teheran

Moments after I wrote my previous deadly serious post about how Al-Qaida was coming to get us (again!), a friend sent me this Youtube clip created by the brilliant Caroline Glick.    Watch, laugh, and pass it on to everyone you know!  The Three Terrors: From Tennessee to Teheran!

If you missed Ms. Glick’s previous musical production, ‘We con the world’… go here.  Enjoy!

I think Caroline Glick has been reading Saul Alinsky—ridicule is the most powerful weapon.

Al-Qaida to Obama: We plan to kill more Americans….

…. and by the way, Obama, we don’t like you.  Drudge linked this AP story just this evening about American born Al-Qaida terrorist Adam Gadahn’s recent warning to America.

CAIRO – Al-Qaida’s U.S.-born spokesman warned President Barack Obama Sunday that the militant group may launch new attacks that would kill more Americans than previous ones.

In a taunting, 24 minute message that dwelled on Obama’s setbacks, including the loss of Massachusetts Senate seat to the Republicans, Adam Gadahn set out al-Qaida’s conditions for peace with the U.S., including cutting support for Israel and withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan.

Obama the serpentine American President:

Gadahn’s statement was notable for its mocking tone, in which he described Obama as “a devious, evasive and serpentine American president with a Muslim name,” and seemed to delight in his setbacks.

“You’re no longer the popular man you once were, a year ago or so,” he crowed, ascribing his drop in popularity to the escalation of the U.S. wars abroad.

Gadahn must have missed Obama’s Cairo speech where he blew kisses to the Muslim world.  What!  He did hear it and the magical teleprompter didn’t win them over?

That reminds me, do you think the FBI has caught those 270 Somalis (Al-Shabaab/Al-Qaida) who have gotten into the US across our southern border.  Not a chance!

Follow-up and laugh!  The Three Terrors!

State Department re-opens Iraqi resettlement in Detroit

Since June of 2008, the US State Department has only allowed limited resettlement of certain refugees to Detroit—specifically immediate family members of Iraqis already there.  The policy wasn’t working and so in a Memo this week to “Reception and Placement Agencies” and “Overseas Processing Entities”  from the Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration the restriction has been lifted.

The memo states:

Effective immediately, this placement restriction is modified to allow the placement of any refugees in the Detroit metro region who have ties there.

It appears that social services in Michigan were sinking under the weight of more unemployed people (no kidding!) and thus the original policy by the State Department sought to not add further to Michigan’s troubles.  But, what happened is that Iraqi refugees who had been resettled elsewhere were making a beeline for Detroit anyway.  After all, as refugee advocates are quick to note, this is a free country and people can move to wherever they wish.

If you would like to learn  more (a lot more!) about the subject, we have 474 posts in our Iraqi Refugee Category, here .  For more on Detroit, search ‘Iraqis Detroit.’

Now we are taking Australia’s illegal immigrants!

We’ve written extensively about the US State Department’s policy of taking aliens who arrived in Malta* illegally and magically turning them into “refugees”  destined for the US.  Legitimate refugees and asylum seekers are to request asylum in the first country in which they land, not expect to be moved on to other countries, but that is just what this Malta policy model is encouraging.

Now, comes word we are taking Tamil “bachelors” who attempted to get into Australia and ended up in a lengthy stand-off with Australian Customs authorities and the Indonesian government and resettling them in Oakland, CA.

From the Contra Costa Times:

OAKLAND — They were jailed in Indonesia, stranded in Romania and rescued by Australia off the coast of Sumatra, all in the last eight months.

So it was a big relief to Nisanth Segaranantham and his friends when they landed in Oakland last month. The 27-year-old Sri Lankan refugee is savoring his freedom to roam the city, shop for his own groceries and look for a job.

“We can go anywhere, anytime, anyplace, no problem,” he said.

Segaranantham was one of 78 Sri Lankans who crowded aboard an Indonesian fishing boat and set sail for Australia in October. As ethnic Tamils, they faced discrimination in Sri Lanka and hoped to find political asylum in Australia. But the ship began sinking on the way.

I told you here about plans to resettle the 78 (never identified at that time as Tamils) to other countries but he US was not mentioned.

They threatened to kill themselves if Australia didn’t take them.  Now, not surprisingly, they are thrilled to be here!

Australia did send help — a customs patrol vessel called the Oceanic Viking. Once rescued, however, the Sri Lankans refused to get off the customs ship and demanded assurance Australia would welcome them to its shores. Some threatened to jump to their deaths in the Indian Ocean if they did not find refuge.

The result was a weeks-long diplomatic row between Indonesia and Australia, neither of which wanted to take custody of the migrants. So controversial was the impasse that it dented the popularity of Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and fueled a war of words in the Parliament. A weak response, Rudd’s critics said, would send hundreds more asylum-seekers sailing to Australia in rickety boats.

That controversy continues, but Segaranantham and Sivabalasundaram are not looking back. They are thrilled to be in the United States.

No remote prison, but resettlement to the US thanks to the US State Department and the International Rescue Committee.

They never intended to come to America, but their failed trip to Australia put them on a roundabout path to Oakland. At first, they thought Australian authorities would take them to Christmas Island. A remote prison complex there houses many of Australia’s asylum-seekers.

Instead, after a month aboard the Oceanic Viking, they ended up in a detention center in the Indonesian port of Tanjung Pinang, where the United Nations refugee agency looked for places that would take them in. The United States accepted 28 refugees, granting them permanent legal residency in the country. Others were sent to Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Europe. Those heading to North America spent several weeks waiting in a refugee camp in Romania, a transit point where international organizations determined their final destination.

Tamil Tigers were defeated by the Government of Sri Lanka in 2009, but not to worry the Oakland “bachelors” are likely not Tigers, right?

Sri Lanka’s 25-year-old civil war ended in May 2009, when government forces defeated the Tamil Tigers, whose rebel forces had waged a brutal guerrilla war to create a separate state. Tens of thousands of people died since fighting began in 1983.

Ethnic Tamils, who represent less than 20 percent of the Sri Lankan population but are a majority in the north, were often caught in the middle — especially young men suspected of being rebels. Humanitarian groups say they still face persecution.

Do you know what the ruthless Tamil Tigers are famous for—they invented the suicide belt and were (or still are) listed as a terrorist organization by the US.

* We have written many many posts on Malta and the policy established by the US State Department during the Bush years and now under Obama to take some of Malta’s illegal alien Somalis off their hands and resettle them to the US.  Search RRW for ‘Malta’ to learn more.

UN: 100,000 Iraqis have been resettled or are on the way; most coming to US

An Indian News agency, Kerala News, has this report obviously generated by the fact that today is World Refugee Day.

New York, Jun 19 : The United Nations said on Friday that 100,000 Iraqi refugees have been referred for resettlement from the Middle East to third countries since 2007, a major milestone for one of the world’s largest refugee populations.

“100,000 submissions of Iraqi refugees is a tremendous achievement,” UN High Commissioner for Refugees António Guterres said on Friday during his visit to Syria, which according to government estimates, hosts over 1 million refugees, the majority from Iraq.


The acceptance rate by resettlement countries of referrals by the UN refugee agency, known as UNHCR, currently stands at 80 per cent of total submissions, of which the largest number, nearly 76 per cent, have been accepted by the United States.

I guess they haven’t gotten the word yet about no jobs and the terrible living conditions some refugees are finding in the US which has resulted in some Iraqis returning to the life they know in the Middle East.