The NGO’s role in the Left’s “purification” movement

There is a thought-provoking piece by Andrew Thomas on American Thinker today that attempts to explain to Conservatives what the Left is aiming for—-a borderless world where everything is filled with love and all sorts of  “justice” and there are no bad (US) Capitalists or evil Zionists.  The big question is, is this the new totalitarianism?

This is how it begins, but you really must read the whole article.

A comprehensive and enlightening treatise on this topic was recently published in Orbis, the Foreign Policy Research Institute’s journal of world affairs, written by University of Buffalo professor Ernest Sternberg. The article is titled, “Purifying the World: What the New Radical Ideology Stands For”. It will open your eyes and scare you to death.

In Steinberg’s analysis, from the historical ashes of failed fascist and communist regimes a new totalitarian ideology is emerging:

Though a mouthful, world purificationism would do well in expressing what the movement wants. It wants to achieve a grand historical vision: the anticipated defeat of imperial capitalist power in favor of a global network of beneficent culture-communities, which will empower themselves through grassroots participatory democracy, and maintain consistency across movements through the rectifying power of NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations), thereby bringing into being a new era of global social justice and sustainable development, in which the diverse communities can harmoniously share an earth that has been saved from destruction and remade pristine.

The sworn enemy of the purifiers is simply referred to as “Empire” (preceding it with “the Evil” is not necessary, apparently). Empire’s evil manifestations are capitalism and Zionism. The geographical focus of purificationism’s hatred is the United States and Israel.


The purificationist dream is a world without borders, governed by a global network of NGO’s. Almost all current activist organizations containing the words “green”, “justice”, “peace”, or “solidarity” would find a position in the ruling structure. These NGO’s would gravitate toward forming a totalitarian regime since, as Steinberg points out, they are “unaccountable to an electorate and escape political checks and balances…”

So what does this have to do with us and refugees.  I’ve said repeatedly that the reason we continue to pour refugees into the US even when the proof is so obvious that the refugees themselves are often neglected and suffering culture shock, is that they are here as part of a larger political agenda—all wrapped up in cuddly humanitarian verbiage to sell it to the public.

If you don’t think the American Thinker piece I’m noting has relevance, then check out this section of the Steinberg treatise about a 2007 meeting if “purificationists” in Atlanta.

A representative domestic gathering took place when 10,000 activists
met in Atlanta in 2007. As is typical, many agendas converged: urban
community organizing, prison abolition, food faddism, Palestine, immigrant
rights, refugee rights,
street theater, something called transformative justice,
feminism, environmental activism, and hybrid causes such as Queers for
Environmental Justice. A correspondent for the Nation magazine reported
that the ‘‘event is building a left that is grassroots and democratic,’’ full of ideas
‘‘for a radical remaking of this country,’’ though the remaking is by no means
assured, since the meeting’s only memorable outcome, aside from the networking,
was the slogan ‘‘Another US is Necessary.’’

The Purificationists and the Muslims

So why does the Left think they can join with Muslim fanatics to bring about this purification?  Thomas addresses that too, so be sure to read the whole American Thinker piece.  But, here is a line to encourage you to do that!


To me, this sounds like a coalition between factory chickens and poultry butchers.

GAO: US Government slow to take North Korean refugees and asylees

The GAO released a report yesterday that includes this in the summary of its findings.  Security checks seem to be the hangup.

The U.S. government has taken actions to facilitate the U.S. resettlement of North Korean refugees from overseas, but processing times did not improve from fiscal years 2006 to 2008 due in part to some host countries’ policies. The United States opened cases for 238 North Korean refugee applicants from October 2004 through March 2010, and 94 of these North Koreans arrived in the United States. As part of its recent actions to facilitate the processing of North Korean refugees, State has placed a high priority on these cases and provided additional staff time and resources to process these cases. However, according to U.S. officials, some U.S. requirements, such as conducting and clearing security checks, can delay U.S. processing.

I’m betting most readers seeing this information are asking the all important question—why aren’t they just being resettled in South Korea?

New Australian Prime Minister: no “lurch to right” on immigration

They are coming on boats from everywhere trying to get into Australia, just as our Southern Border is being overrun by mostly economic migrants including Middle Easterners with possibly other motives, making illegal immigration a critical issue for new Australian Prime Minister, Julia Gillard.   Indeed the nearly two-month-long messy stand-off with the Sri Lankan Tamils may have diminished the voter’s view of Rudd’s effectiveness.*

From ABC News (Australia):

The issue of border protection is looming as a major challenge for new Prime Minister Julia Gillard as she approaches the election.

The arrival of boatloads of asylum seekers off Australia’s north-west coast has hurt Labor in the opinion polls, and the problem that eroded Kevin Rudd’s popularity in marginal seats is now Ms Gillard’s to deal with.

Ms Gillard says she will not “lurch to the right” but she does understand the fears Australians have about illegal arrivals.

“I do understand the anxiety and indeed fears that Australians have when they see boats intercepted,” she told the 7.30 Report.

“It does make people anxious. I can understand that, I really can.”

* Incidentally, remember those Australian asylum-seeking Tamil “bachelors” we resettled in Oakland, CA (here five days ago).  They are a prime example of how refugee/asylum decisions are made that have nothing to do with the legitimacy of the aliens’ case and everything to do with them being pawns in a larger political game.  It is clear to me that we took the Tamil’s to help Australia out of its political predicament.

Former refugee indicted for lying about involvement in Rwandan genocide

Thanks to reader Jayson, here is more refugee crime news from New Hampshire.

From AP published in the Union Leader:

Concord–A New Hampshire woman charged in connection with the 1994 Rwandan genocide is related to members of a small group accused by a U.N. tribunal of being masterminds of the 100-day slaughter.

Beatrice Munyenyezi, 40, of Manchester was indicted Thursday on two counts of lying to obtain U.S. citizenship.

Federal prosecutors say Munyenyezi directed kidnapping, rape and murder during the genocide, in which about 800,000 people were killed during an ethnic bloodletting.

Shock of shocks!  She lied!

Prosecutors say Munyenyezi lied about her connection to the genocide when applying for entry into the United States in 1995. Because of the genocide, the State Department developed a Rwandan questionnaire* in an attempt to weed out genocide participants. Munyenyezi denied having any role in the genocide.

She entered New York City in March 1998 as a refugee. On applications for permanent resident status in 1999 and for naturalization in 2002, Munyenyezi stated under oath that she had never persecuted anyone based on ethnicity and that she had not participated in any crimes for which she was not arrested.

On April 29, 2003, Munyenyezi was sworn in as a U.S. citizen in Concord, N.H.

If convicted, Munyenyezi could be sentenced to 10 years in prison and stripped of her citizenship.

Read it all.

* Imagine that, a questionnaire!  Would anyone fill out a questionnaire to get into the US and admit that, heck yes, I helped kill people in Africa?