Cubans indicted in Kenya for helping illegal alien Somalis get to US

Update: Jerry Gordon at New English Review has made some excellent points about this story, here.

Readers may recall that Anthony Tracy, the American who stood trial in Virginia recently after admitting he helped 270 (give or take 2)  illegal Somalis get into the US, was allowed to walk free just a week ago, here.   Now two who are believed to  have helped him are indicted in Kenya.

From the Miami Herald:

Two Cubans who worked at the Havana embassy in Kenya were identified as unindicted co-conspirators in the U.S. court records of a scheme to smuggle 268 Somalis to Cuba and on to the United States.

The case of convicted alien smuggler Anthony J. Tracy raised national security concerns because of his contacts with a Somali terror group, Al Shabab. Tracy denied helping Shabab, but failed that part of a lie-detector test.

“I helped a lot of Somalis and most are good, but there are some who are bad and I leave them to ALLAH,” Tracy wrote in a Jan. 15 e-mail, according to court records in his case.

The two Cubans, identified only as Consuelo and Elena, were fired by their supervisors for providing the Somalis with visas so they could slip into the United States via Dubai, Moscow, Havana, South America and Mexico, the records showed.

Tracy, 35, a Virginia resident, pleaded guilty to one charge of alien smuggling and was sentenced last week to time served — four months — and a $100 fine in federal court in Alexandria, Va.

Then here is a bit of real confidence-building information about our Immigration authorities.  Tracy was apparently working for ICE while busy bringing in illegals.

The records show Tracy converted to Islam while in prison in the 1990s, married a Somali woman and since 2002 was a paid informant for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement and another U.S. agency not identified.