Concern for the Islamization of the Netherlands leads to big victory for Geert Wilders

Jerry Gordon writing at New English Review has the latest on the victory of Geert Wilders Freedom Party in elections in the Netherlands yesterday.

The BBC noted today the apparent ‘victory’ by Mark Rutte leader of the conservative Liberal (VVD) party by one seat (31) over rival Labor party (30) headed by former Amsterdam Mayor Job Cohen. The real surprise was the 24 seats (2 more than we reported last night) tallied by Geert Wilder’s Freedom Party (PVV).


The comments of BBC analyst Ms. Coughlan aside, the significant votes for Wilders and the Freedom Party (PVV) reflect concern among Dutch voters about the cost of supporting Muslim immigration and the Islamization of the Netherlands.

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We have written often about Geert Wilders and Judy and I were fortunate to hear him speak in Washington in February 2009, here.