Israel too trying to stem the flow of African migrants

Here is an article critical, (surprise! not!) from NPR, of Israel for trying to slow the flow of economic migrants (illegal immigrants) into their tiny country.

Israeli officials have stepped up efforts to stem the flow of African asylum seekers and migrant workers into Israel. With numbers reaching into the tens of thousands, Israeli officials are pressed to find a policy to combat the ever-increasing flow of people.

Israeli construction workers are battling against the blustery wind and sandstorms to build a fence across one stretch of desert.

The $270 million fence will cover 87 miles of Israel’s southern border with Egypt. African refugees are smuggled through this area almost daily. They travel thousands of miles and often spend their life savings to try to reach Israel, a country they see as their doorstep to the West.

Israel, however, is far from laying down the welcome mat.

And, why should they?  A properous, successful country can only take so many needy people before the life boat sinks.  Many of those crossing into Israel are not even refugees inspite of NPR’s efforts to purposefully(?) mix illegal aliens, economic migrants and true refugees and asylees into one giant hash so no one knows the difference.  Many also are probably Muslims who would surely like to help their Palestinian brothers wipe out Israel if they could.

Check out this blog ( where I first saw the story.  The author makes some good points.

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