Somalis storm UN office in South Africa

It’s been awhile since I posted news from the Rainbow Nation, but here is a short one about an attack by Somali refugees on a United Nations office in Cape Town.   Funny how these type of stories never make the mainstream media.

From All Africa:

Belive — Hundreds of Somali people have stormed an office stationed by UN in South Africa’s Cape Town.

Moqtar Mohammed Mohamoud, a Somali refugee in Cape Town, told Shabelle that Somalis, who stormed the UN office, were trying to get ID cards to stay in that country peacefully. [you gotta wonder how stormed the office and peacefully go together!—ed]

Shortly after the incident, a large number of South African policemen have reached the office starting to use tear gas and big sticks to disperse the crowd of Somali refugees inside and around the office.

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