Illinois immigrant agitators want their cut!

Your tax dollars!

The other day I told you about the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights (ICIRR) and how they were working with the radical Left and Unions to “organize” in Egypt while living off American taxpayer dollars, here.

Now, it appears that the state of Illinois (not unlike its neighbor Wisconsin) is broke and looking to cut its budget.   Immigrant “SERVICES” are on the chopping block and the ICIRR is crying foul—-waaahhhh!  They want to be sure to keep their millions coming from Illinois taxpayers.

So, they are now agitating at their website (I sure hope we aren’t going to see them drag out poor refugee pawns to protest like the immigrant agitators did in Washington State a week ago, here.)  They want people to write and call the governor.


On Wednesday, February 16th, Governor Quinn presented a proposed state budget that cuts immigrant services by 74% over the budget two years ago, with a 56% cut proposed for next year alone. Refugee services are scheduled for a 69% cut next year.

Every Governor in Illinois from Governor Jim Edgar forward has supported increases in the Immigrant Services Line Item within the Illinois Department of Human Services. This line item is the only part of the State of Illinois budget that specifically assists immigrants to become full contributors in Illinois, with U.S. citizenship assistance; emergency food, healthcare, and domestic violence assistance to immigrant families in crisis; and economic development, English, and welcoming, and volunteerism programs.

This year the State proposes to slash the immigrant services line item 74%: from $8.6 million in FY10 to a proposed $2.5 million in FY12.

By the way, ICIRR notes that funding for the generic (genuine) poor was not cut.

Immigrant SERVICE agencies may go bankrupt, moans ICIRR.  But here is my question, why do we need immigrant services geared to various ethnic groups in the first place? Or, is ICIRR (and its compatriots) afraid they will lose some of their funds that are used for political activism (maybe they won’t get to go to Egypt in September and meet their friends with the Muslim Brotherhood)?

With the proposed cuts some 11 small immigrant-serving agencies will collapse in bankruptcy, and another 34 immigrant service agencies will be crippled.

Then ICIRR has the audacity (gee, someone else from Illinois has that too) to make the claim that the high number of immigrants in Illinois (US Census showed a dramatic 32.5 increase since 2000 in the Hispanic population in Illinois) has helped the Illinois economy and kept it from collapsing as the population of the state declines and American born residents move elsewhere.

Josh Hoyt (agitator in chief at ICIRR) then throws in this line:

Immigrants are 50 percent more likely than native-born Illinoisians to start their own businesses.

Readers, that is because immigrants and refugees get special treatment through government grants and micro-loans with banks to set up businesses.  Did you ever wonder how all those Somali trinket and food shops are popping up in places like Lewiston, ME while in the back room they send money abroad.  You helped with their start-up funding.  It is a lucrative business.


This isn’t about helping the poor, this is about getting your money for their political purposes.

Some countries calling for emergency EU meeting on illegal immigrants

As unrest continues across North Africa and the Arab world, some European countries are worried enough to call for an emergency meeting next week to discuss defending Fortress Europe.

From RIA Novosti:

Europe’s pain is even worse[the author said America’s pain is its split personality on the uprisings]. It is worried that the instability across the Mediterranean will unleash a flood of illegal immigration to the Old World. They fear a repeat of what happened right after the collapse of communism in1989.

The first alarm bell went off when Italians detained 4,000 Tunisian refugees on a boat in the Mediterranean in early February.

Italy and Malta were the first to respond to the alarm. They are now calling for an emergency EU summit on illegal immigration and defending Fortress Europe from an onslaught from the south. A conference of foreign ministers is scheduled for February 24-25 in Brussels, although EU officials insist that it is all but impossible to prepare a summit so quickly. Moreover, Berlin, Paris and London are not as worried as Rome about the scale of the “invasion.” Silvio Berlusconi demanded that Italy receive an additional 100 million euros for “processing” the detained illegals and sending them home, or 25 thousand euros per capita so far, which seems a tad excessive. But Rome and Valetta are now supported by other countries on the front line, such as Spain and Portugal, which are the closest to Africa. The EU has already outlined measures to protect its borders.

Imagine if we started talking about defending Fortress America!