Diversity is beautiful alert: Hispanics torturing roosters in California

From CBS Sacramento:

EL DORADO COUNTY (CBS13) – Two men are under arrest and nearly 250 birds euthanized in connection with a large cockfighting operation, according to El Dorado County officials.

The operation was discovered after a routine traffic stop on Sunday in Diamond Springs. El Dorado County Sheriff’s deputies pulled over a pick up truck and noticed a suspicious box in the back of the truck.

When deputies opened the box, they found two roosters with injuries consistent with cockfighting. They also found several metal blades known as “slashers” that are typically strapped to the legs of fighting roosters.

Deputies arrested the driver, Saul Cuevas Ayala, and passenger, Rogelio Reyes-Higareda, on charges associated with cockfighting.

Later that day, deputies and Animal Service Officers served a search warrant at Ayala’s Grass Valley home and uncovered what officials are calling a fairly large scale cockfighting operation. They found nearly 250 game birds and fighting implements.

How about if Ayala and Reyes-Higareda return to the cultures where they can practice this heinous “sport” legally.

No leading Republican Presidential wannabe willing to tackle “refugee fraud”

NJ Governor Chris Christie gets an F!

Only one, and she is not a front-runner, has done anything to take on the thorny issue of fraud in the refugee program.

NumbersUSA has ranked some top Presidential contenders for 2012 on their immigration positions.  You can see their scores here.    I argued with NumbersUSA that Palin should be graded higher because she did stand up very visibly in support of Governor Jan Brewer and the Arizona Law when that issue burst on the national scene. None of the others said much.

I also argued that Pawlenty, as governor of Minnesota, apparently turned a blind eye to the huge resettlement of refugees into his state, especially presiding over Minneapolis becoming the Somali (crime) capitol of the US and thus should not have gotten the highest grade (C+) of the front-runners.

Today I see that  NumbersUSA has, at the behest of members, given grades to Rep. Michele Bachmann and to NJ Governor Chris Christie, here.  (Neither are considered front-runners at this time.)

Bachmann got a B-.   And, she got a “good” rating for being willing to tackle refugee fraud. (see all ratings here, scroll down page).* I am not surprised to see that Christie, once a favorite of mine, got an F.

Christie also has come under enormous criticism recently (especially among anti-jihadists) for his appointment of a controversial Muslim attorney to a Court position in New Jersey causing this opinion writer at the Star Ledger to question how “conservative” Christie actually is.  He sums up with this:

I wish some of these radio clowns and talking heads on TV would – to put it bluntly – stop kissing his butt and ask the tough question.

If Norquist praises Christie, well then?

It also gave me pause to hear Grover Norquist play the “bigot” card and then praise Christie and former President George Bush as two politicians who court (or courted) the Muslim vote (we know where that got Bush).  From Politico (Right fractures over Islam):

The Republican party chased away the Catholic vote for over a hundred years,” said Grover Norquist, an ACU board member and a tax activist who has tried to bring Muslim voters in to the GOP for more than a decade. “You chase away people politically. The thing about the political effects of bigotry — it can last generations. It’s tough to fix.”  [Here Norquist sounds like he has taken the talking points of the Leftist open borders gang—oh, that’s right Norquist IS OPEN BORDERS!—ed.]

“The answer is some people are and some people aren’t,” Norquist later told POLITICO in response to a question about whether Republicans were making an effort to court Muslim voters. “Certainly, Chris Christie in New Jersey is. George W. Bush was.”

Someone needs to warn Christie to keep his distance from Norquist!

* I wonder does Rep. Michele Bachmann understand that there is an on-going effort to saturate a city in her district—St. Cloud—with refugees, especially Somali refugees?  St. Cloud had been a secondary migration site but is now a primary resettlement city thanks to the US State Department and the federal contractors working there.  Readers, this is how they do it!

Another way for “refugees” to get to the US

I’ve been reporting on the “refugee” issue facing Europe in the wake of that much ballyhooed revolution going on in the Arab world (recent posts are here and here).   World Net Daily has suggested another problem to guard against and that is that terrorists getting into Europe pretending to be refugees could easily get a fake passport in some European country and just come on over to the US:

Tens of thousands of people from the North African Arab countries affected by demonstrations and revolts are migrating to the open borders of Europe, creating the threat that terrorists could hide among the migrants and infiltrate host nations, according to security analysts…

The potentially dramatic influx of refugees into countries of the European Union – which have no border restrictions – also is posing an increasing security concern for U.S. officials.

Many of the countries in Europe which will be receiving the refugees are under a visa waiver program with the United States. This means that potential terrorists posing as refugees could obtain false passports that will allow them to gain entry into the U.S. without a visa, thereby making it more difficult to have any record of their entry or whereabouts.