Right fractures over Islam

That is the title of a story at Politico and something I’ve been writing a lot about elsewhere, but I think its important for readers of RRW to know this is going on within the Republican Party.  Simply stated, two board members of the American Conservative Union and movers and shakers in DC rightwing circles, Suhail Khan and Grover Norquist, are believed to have links to the Muslim Brotherhood and are attempting to destabilize  the conservative movement according to their critics.

Here is a story from Politico which sums up how things went at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington late last week.   I urge you to read it all and do your own research.

I also suggest that you watch the CPAC speech of former Communist and 60’s radical David Horowitz who saw the light, became a conservative and has been an outspoken critic of the Far Left and the Islamists for decades now.


While a gay rights controversy drew headlines at this year’s Conservative Political Action Conference, another — and even more bitter — dispute rippled as views varied widely on how to reconcile the conservative movement with Islam in the United States.

At the 38th annual conservative gathering, there was no shortage of accusations of Islamist sympathies, Muslim Brotherhood infiltration and charges of fear-mongering. Republican presidential hopefuls, including Newt Gingrich and John Thune, also drew applause with suggestions that the Obama administration has taken a politically correct blind eye to the connection between radical Islam and terrorism.

Freshman Rep. Allen West also drew thunderous applause in his keynote speech about the threat to America posed by Islam and other security threats. And as Republican candidates define their national security stands in the 2012 elections, conservative discomfort with Islam in America will be a feature of the debate.

“We are also faced at home and abroad with a mortal threat in political Islam,” conservative activist David Horowitz said in his address to the conference. “Political Islam is a totalitarian movement that seeks to impose Islamic law on the entire world through the seizure of states by stealth and electoral means where possible and by terror where necessary and sometimes by a combination of the two. There are hundreds of millions of believers in political Islam.”

CPAC organizers held an official panel on the threat of sharia law, with several other affiliated, but unofficial, events on inclusion, religious liberty and the so-called ground zero mosque controversy, featuring the controversial blogger Pam Geller and Jihad Watch’s Robert Spencer.


“For 10 years, people have been asking for moderate Muslims to speak up,” said Spencer. “We’re going to be waiting for those guys until doomsday.”

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Longtime readers know that Pamela Geller (Atlas Shrugs) and Robert Spencer (Jihad Watch) are  among our favorite bloggers and are often quoted on these pages.  Check out their blogs in our blogroll.

Egyptian said to be behind the wheel in San Diego cab carnage

I’m not seeing it mentioned in other publications yet, but a San Diego TV station is reporting that the cabbie who plowed into a crowd outside of a popular San Diego night club was an Egyptian nicknamed “Osama.”  Hat tip:  Janet.

The story is here at San Diego 6 News:

San Diego 6 News has exclusive information into the driver of the cab.

Owners and friends of the downtown restaurant Darband say the man, they know as “Osama”, frequented the establishment. They say he was the one behind the wheel.

There is new video of the taxi cab crash that sparked chaos in front of the Stingaree nightclub. The cellphone images show the hood of the taxi cab driven by, according to friends, a 48-year old Egyptian native named “Osama.”

Outside Darband Fifth Avenue Grill cab drivers finish a game of chess. This taxi cab hangout was a place drivers met up frequently with “Osama”.

Cyrus Rushi is the owner of Darband. Rushi said, “I am sure I have seen him here. I am sure. They say he is an Egyptian guy.”

By the way, Egyptians don’t come as refugees (yet), but surely some have arrived seeking asylum for one reason or another.  Also, Egyptians can get into the US if they “win” the Diversity Visa Lottery —yes there is such a thing.  You see we don’t have enough diversity so a whole bunch of immigrants from countries that normally don’t send us too many people get an additional shot at getting into the US.  There are even immigration lawyers who specialize in helping immigrants win the lottery. And, I see here that Egyptians are big winners.

Did you ever notice that when a legal immigrant is involved in some crime, it is rarely mentioned which legal program he or she used to enter the US?

Honor killer still on the loose

I believe the trail is cold in finding the Egyptian cab driver who shot his teenage daughters to death because they were becoming too Americanized in 2008 in the back of his cab in Texas, here.

Vancouver: Confirmation that Tamil Tigers were on the MV Sun Sea

This is an update of the story I first reported here last August.

Seems that investigators in Canada have identified at least 32 Tamil Tigers among the “asylum seekers” who arrived in Canadian waters claiming to be refugees last summer.

From the National Post:

A fog bank cloaked the MV Sun Sea when it entered Canadian waters off Vancouver Island last August carrying 492 Sri Lankan asylum seekers.

Six month later, things are more clear.

Federal investigators have been interviewing those on board and chasing leads in Southeast Asia. The passengers have been telling their stories at refugee hearings and in court.

The evidence is shedding new light on the bold migrant smuggling operation that has cost taxpayers $25-million and led the government to draft a new anti-human smuggling law.

“At this time, the majority have declared that they wish only to live peacefully in Canada with the hope of eventually sponsoring other family members,” reads a Canada Border Services Agency analysis of interviews with the Sun Sea migrants.

But the investigation has also identified 32 so far with suspected ties to the Tamil Tigers rebels, organized crime and war crimes. Also on the ship were “prominent figures” who played “primary roles in the smuggling venture,” the CBSA report says.

Read on, its a very interesting report.

Think this doesn’t effect you in the US, think again, we have actually resettled Tamil “bachelors” to Oakland, CA who managed to get to Australia and we (helpfully) took them off the Aussie’s hands!