Egyptian said to be behind the wheel in San Diego cab carnage

I’m not seeing it mentioned in other publications yet, but a San Diego TV station is reporting that the cabbie who plowed into a crowd outside of a popular San Diego night club was an Egyptian nicknamed “Osama.”  Hat tip:  Janet.

The story is here at San Diego 6 News:

San Diego 6 News has exclusive information into the driver of the cab.

Owners and friends of the downtown restaurant Darband say the man, they know as “Osama”, frequented the establishment. They say he was the one behind the wheel.

There is new video of the taxi cab crash that sparked chaos in front of the Stingaree nightclub. The cellphone images show the hood of the taxi cab driven by, according to friends, a 48-year old Egyptian native named “Osama.”

Outside Darband Fifth Avenue Grill cab drivers finish a game of chess. This taxi cab hangout was a place drivers met up frequently with “Osama”.

Cyrus Rushi is the owner of Darband. Rushi said, “I am sure I have seen him here. I am sure. They say he is an Egyptian guy.”

By the way, Egyptians don’t come as refugees (yet), but surely some have arrived seeking asylum for one reason or another.  Also, Egyptians can get into the US if they “win” the Diversity Visa Lottery —yes there is such a thing.  You see we don’t have enough diversity so a whole bunch of immigrants from countries that normally don’t send us too many people get an additional shot at getting into the US.  There are even immigration lawyers who specialize in helping immigrants win the lottery. And, I see here that Egyptians are big winners.

Did you ever notice that when a legal immigrant is involved in some crime, it is rarely mentioned which legal program he or she used to enter the US?

Honor killer still on the loose

I believe the trail is cold in finding the Egyptian cab driver who shot his teenage daughters to death because they were becoming too Americanized in 2008 in the back of his cab in Texas, here.

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