What’s driving Obama and the radical Left to increase immigration?

They are transforming America—more needy people=a greater demand for stuff (goodies from you, the taxpayer). Immigrants will then reliably vote for Democrats who promise stuff.

I’m asked frequently, why don’t they (the open borders gang) see that America can’t afford all those immigrant workers and social services, it makes no logical sense to bring so many people who end up suffering, they say.    It is perfectly logical and it is not about helping the world’s downtrodden, it is all about transforming America as Mark Krikorian of the Center for Immigration Studies clearly tells us in an opinion piece yesterday, here.  (Emphasis mine)  Hat tip: Brad.

In 2008, President Obama described his goal as “fundamentally transforming the United States of America.” This is as true for immigration as it is for health care and other issues.

President Obama’s support for what advocates call “comprehensive immigration reform” — amnesty, loose enforcement and increased legal immigration — which he reiterated in his State of the Union address, is not just another item on a laundry list.

In the same way that critics of Obamacare warn that it will lead to irreversible changes in the nature of American politics, the president’s immigration goals — effectively, open borders — would alter the political system itself, leading to inexorable growth in government and consequent constriction of personal liberties.

In short, immigration is the health of the state.

Leftists have been quite open about the politically transformative effects of immigration. Eliseo Medina, vice president of the Service Employees International Union and an honorary chairman of the Democratic Socialists of America, said immigration “will create a governing coalition for the long term, not just for an election cycle.” Rep. Barney Frank, D-Mass., has publicly made the same point, as has Ruy Teixeira, author of “The Emerging Democratic Majority.”

Krikorian says there are two parts to the strategy:

First, mass immigration — both legal and illegal — serves to import voters who will back statist, big-government politicians and policies. But more deeply and permanently, mass immigration changes American society in ways that make statist solutions more attractive to voters in general, expanding the transformative effect beyond merely immigrant voters to the electorate at large. [Sympathetic Americans look around, see immigrant poverty, and then too demand that government solve it—ed]

Immigrant groups, almost by definition, will lean Democrat.


What’s more, immigrants are disproportionately poor, reliant on government services, and “minorities,” and thus it’s simply in their interest to vote for the party of welfare and affirmative action. Calls to cut taxes and shrink government just aren’t relevant to people who don’t pay a lot of taxes and who are dependent on government largesse.

But the electoral preferences of immigrant voters are only part of the story. Perhaps even more important is the fact that immigration — both legal and illegal — creates a political, social and economic environment more favorable to the statist Left.

Krikorian’s concluding message to conservatives:

On immigration, the president and his allies are playing the long game. The Left’s current difficulties will prove merely temporary if mass immigration keeps working its transformative effects.

The necessary response from the Right is clear: Reach out respectfully to legal immigrants already here, but work tirelessly for comprehensive enforcement of immigration laws and reductions in future levels of legal immigration.

Every line in Krikorian’s piece is insightful. Read it all here.

What is this all about?

About ten days ago the Palm Beach Post published an article about the US State Department (through their federal contractors) resettling Muslim Iraqis to Palm Beach County, Florida when there are few jobs, no low-cost housing, and virtually no other Iraqis.  It’s my opinion that this is a twofer—import poverty to wealthy Palm Beach County, show the suffering Iraqis with stories like this one, and THEN SALT MUSLIMS INTO COMMUNITIES WHERE FEW LIKELY EXISTED.

Endnote: Smart Harvard-educated Republicans like Grover Norquist know this is happening—Democrat voter rolls increase with the increased importation of poverty and yet he and other supposed conservatives continue to promote open borders.  I don’t get it.  Kinda makes you wonder which side he is on!

Iraqis bring costly mental problems to Illinois…

….and the mean governor will make their problems worse with budget cuts!

Well, that is basically what this article is about—I’m just saying it more directly.   These Lefties are masters at planting sob stories, one after the other, as propaganda for their political goals.   As I said the other day, the radical agitators at the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights are scared of being dumped off of the taxpayer gravy train.

So stories like this one pop up everywhere.  From Medill Reports (you can read the whining stuff), but below is the pertinent takeaway message from the article:

While refugees in the past typically came from specific areas all at once, today those settling in Illinois come from 62 different countries according to the Illinois Bureau of Refugee and Immigrant Services. This poses new challenges for those aiding refugees as there are many new language and cultural differences to take into account. Additionally, private social service agencies may find themselves financially pressed given deep cuts proposed for refugee assistance programs in Gov. Pat Quinn’s 2012 state budget.

I wonder to the Lefty organizers give this paragraph to a news outlet and then instruct the reporter to build a sob story around that paragraph?

North African refugee “crisis” news round-up

We will be watching for any sign that the US will offer to airlift any to the US, or make noises about taking “refugees” in some sort of emergency fashion.

In the meantime, Europe is sweating—first Tunisia, then Egypt and now Libya.

Here are some recent reports:

*The New York Times reports here on an EU meeting to figure out who is going to pay for all the refugees.

* There are two reports, here and here from Switzerland (not a member of the EU) about the refugee situation.  Interestingly there are tens of thousands of Chinese in Libya now trying to get out (oil field workers?).

* Aljazeera on foreigners fleeing and European worries, here.

* CNN says UN warning of mass exodus from Libya, here.

* RT News says Italian island overrun with illegal immigrants, here.

* Somali refugees mistaken for mercenaries in Libya, here.

I’ll add to this list as the news comes in (always looking for any news that the US is going to do something irrational!).