David Frum gets it mostly right

In his National Post opinion piece Frum* paints a dismal picture of what I think everyone can see—the newest refugee “crisis” coming out of the North African/Middle East turmoil.   What I was looking for, however, is any understanding that there are one-worlders (within the immigration industry) who see this crisis and chaos as a good time to advance their borderless world concept and will be using the “refugee crisis” to further destabilize European nations and as an excuse to BRING MORE REFUGEES TO THE UNITED STATES and to Frum’s home country of Canada. Islamists as well will see this as an opportunity to increase Muslim numbers in Western countries.

This is not going to be Europe’s burden (cross to bear!) alone!

Here is Frum at the National Post:

The turmoil in Arab North Africa is not only a political crisis: It could soon trigger a global migration crisis.

Already, 5,000 Tunisians have attempted to migrate to Italy since the collapse of the Ben Ali regime. The would-be migrants are being held on the Italian island of Lampedusa, while the Italian government decides what to do.

Italy’s foreign minister, Franco Frattini, has publicly worried that 300,000 Libyans might try to flee to Italy after a collapse of the Gaddafi regime. It is less than 200 miles by sea from the Libyan capital of Tripoli to Lampedusa.

Spain legalized 750,000 illegal immigrants in 2007. Unsurprisingly, that generous amnesty only summoned more illegal immigration.

The Arab and African populations are booming and there are literally millions of young men with nothing to do. (Cheerful read for a Saturday morning, isn’t it.)  But, I repeat, it will not be Europe’s problem alone.  Keep a watchful eye for the drumbeat to begin—waaahhhh! We need to bring the refugees to North America!  To Australia!   We have been hearing this cry for decades every time there is upheaval in the world.  I guarantee you it is already being discussed in the UN and in the US State Department!

The Arab world -especially the North African Arab world -is in turmoil because of the economic and political failure of Arab -and especially North African -governments.

Increasingly, the people of these societies look to migration as their solution.

Yet their solution is Europe’s problem. Voluntarily and involuntarily, Europe is now receiving 1.7 million immigrants a year -more than the United States. Europe’s immigrants come overwhelmingly from the Middle East and North Africa, and they are overwhelmingly Muslim in religion.


These migrants do not usually arrive with the skills necessary to succeed in an advanced economy. They pool at the bottom of the labour force and often turn to crime or political extremism.

Unfortunately both for the immigrants and for the native-born, Europe’s generous welfare states offer the lowskilled an attractive alternative to work.


Middle Eastern and North African populations are surging: Egypt is up from 20 million in 1950 to 80 million today. Two-thirds of all Arabs are under age 25. Some 80 million net new jobs are required over the next 15 years just to keep pace with the population explosion.

Read it all.  And, get ready!

*Learn more about David Frum here at wikipedia.  He has a distinguished career, however, note that most recently he helped organize that ridiculous “No Labels” political group that fizzled the day it was announced.