Australia: Petition seeks to halt Muslim immigration for ten years

And, it’s causing a fury Down Under!

From OnIslam:

CAIRO – A new petition in the Australian Federal Parliament for a ten-year moratorium on Muslim immigrants is drawing the fury of the Muslim community in the country.

“That’s hardly a loving Christian to be very selective in whom you want to enter in your home,” Ikebal Patel, president of the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils, told the Herald Sun on Tuesday, February 15.

ACT Liberal Senator Gary Humphries presented a petition calling for a 10-year suspension of Muslim immigration into Australia and for a review of the country’s immigration policy to ensure priority is given to Christians.

So will Europe be next?

So why is a state refugee advocacy organization going to help “organize” Egypt?

Your tax dollars!

And, are they going on your dime?  You bet they are!

I’m talking about the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights.

I just learned yesterday (Hat tip: Ed) that Joshua Hoyt, Executive Director of the ICIRR, is on the the board of the Far Left (Socialist/Marxist) “community organizing” outfit—the Organizers’ Forum—which is planning a trip to Egypt in September to help get Egypt on the right track now that the Muslim Brotherhood is pushing for “change:”

Our fall 2011 International Dialogue will be located in Egypt where we will meet with labor and community organizers and other activists in Cairo.  There are exciting changes and developments that are currently taking place in Egypt with elections coming soon to determine leadership transitions in what has been an autocratic regime, now challenged by the Muslim Brotherhood and succession and democracy issues.[they probably think its so cool to hang with the Muslim Brotherhood—ed]

Note that Hoyt is on the board of an organization created by Wade Rathke (ACORN founder), Drummond Pike (Tides Foundation) and “workers of the world unite” Andy Stern (formerly SEIU).    And, the oh-so-smart elitist left-leaning media is making fun of Glenn Beck for saying the Egypt crisis was precipitated by Unions, 60’s radicals, Soros and the Muslim Brotherhood.  Just check out the make-up of the Board of the Organizer’s Forum!  Looks like Beck will have the last laugh.   Note that CASA de Maryland the leading advocacy group for illegal aliens in Maryland is also on this board.

But my focus this morning is the ICIRR, your friendly defender of immigrants in Illinois.   What!  they don’t have enough poor refugees in Chicago to take care of they have to hop over to Egypt to nudge along a revolution.  Well it’s a free country you say, they can do what they want—associate with Marxists and Islamists whatever.  But, what if they are doing it on the backs of American taxpayers?

Check out the ICIRR Form 990 filed with the IRS.  This is the most recent one on record and its for 2009.

The organization took in $6,935,046 and $5,647,288 (page 9) is FROM GOVERNMENT GRANTS.  That means that YOU are paying for over 80% of the budget of this organization!

Now return to the bio for Joshua Hoyt and see what you have been paying for!   You pay for 80% of his salary!  You pay for his trips to foreign countries to organize. You pay for him to agitate and bring unrest to American cities.


And, by the way I thought I recognized the name when I looked at the Board of Directors of the Organizer’s Forum.  I told you about Hoyt sitting-in in the offices of Michael Steele demanding that the RNC support Amnesty for Illegals last year.


I’ve also told you previously that the ICIRR is a money laundering organization, here, where I also reminded readers that refugees in Chicago are living in terrible conditions yet ICIRR simply moves money around to advocacy groups and organizes civic unrest.  They move your tax dollars to organizations that you likely would never approve (scroll to the end of the Form 990) and see what I mean.


In 2008, I told you about the ICIRR, here, in a post about Obama’s taxpayer community organizing money trail.  Of course when I read about all that taxpayer money sloshing around to various Muslim organizations in the election year, I had no idea it might slosh all the way to Egypt and the Muslim Brotherhood.


Update! Be sure to read the comment from tatosian who alerts us to the fact that an ICIRR board member was in Cairo for the recent uprising.  That board member is the director of CAIR-Chicago.

Update 2:  In case you are confused about the Muslim Brotherhood’s goals for Egypt, I just saw this report which says:

The Brotherhood’s charter calls for creation of an Islamic state in Egypt…

That means Shariah law, so is ICIRR now in support of a religious government that discriminates against women?  What else can it mean?

Update 3: And, we were told only the good guys (the peaceful freedom fighters) were in the square celebrating the day Mubarak stepped down, see CBS correspondent brutally raped.