Vancouver: Confirmation that Tamil Tigers were on the MV Sun Sea

This is an update of the story I first reported here last August.

Seems that investigators in Canada have identified at least 32 Tamil Tigers among the “asylum seekers” who arrived in Canadian waters claiming to be refugees last summer.

From the National Post:

A fog bank cloaked the MV Sun Sea when it entered Canadian waters off Vancouver Island last August carrying 492 Sri Lankan asylum seekers.

Six month later, things are more clear.

Federal investigators have been interviewing those on board and chasing leads in Southeast Asia. The passengers have been telling their stories at refugee hearings and in court.

The evidence is shedding new light on the bold migrant smuggling operation that has cost taxpayers $25-million and led the government to draft a new anti-human smuggling law.

“At this time, the majority have declared that they wish only to live peacefully in Canada with the hope of eventually sponsoring other family members,” reads a Canada Border Services Agency analysis of interviews with the Sun Sea migrants.

But the investigation has also identified 32 so far with suspected ties to the Tamil Tigers rebels, organized crime and war crimes. Also on the ship were “prominent figures” who played “primary roles in the smuggling venture,” the CBSA report says.

Read on, its a very interesting report.

Think this doesn’t effect you in the US, think again, we have actually resettled Tamil “bachelors” to Oakland, CA who managed to get to Australia and we (helpfully) took them off the Aussie’s hands!

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