Poor Malta, here they come!

Only yesterday I reported that Malta’s Prime Minister, Laurence Gonzi, said NOOOO! to taking more African immigrants from Libya or Tunisia.  I also reported that thousands are arriving on Italian islands (here).  Now, hat tip: Charles, we see that two boats packed (packed shoulder to shoulder!) arrived in Malta today with 500 Somalis and Eritreans aboard.

From the Times of Malta:

Two boats carrying some 500 Somali and Eritrean immigrants from Libya entered Malta this afternoon.

The first boat arrived in Dahlet Qorrot, the second at Haywharf at around 5.30 a.m. The Gozo boat was also escorted to Haywharf where it arrived at around 7.30 p.m.

The arrivals were the first in Malta this year and since the conflict between rebels and Gaddafi forces in Libya.

You must watch the film clip of one of the boats being brought in to dock that accompanies the story!  I hate to keep mentioning it, but if you read the almost four decades old French novel, The Camp of the Saints, you have already seen these packed boats in your mind’s eye.

Oh, and one more thing, although the news account says there were women and children aboard, it sure looks like a lot of young men to me.

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