UK’s Cameron wants to put a halt to excessive immigration

Hey, good luck with that.

From the Law Enforcement Examiner:

According to Cameron [British Prime Minister David Cameron], illegal immigration has brought “real pressures on our communities up and down the country. Pressures on schools, housing and healthcare, and social pressures too.”

No kidding and we have reported previously on how Somalis are among those breaking into the UK.

Many of the immigrants who’ve recently entered the United Kingdom emanate from Middle Eastern and north African countries with Muslim majorities. Unlike in the United States, Muslim immigrants — legal or illegal — remain segregated by their own choice.

That made me laugh, I guess the author hasn’t been to Minneapolis, Seattle, San Diego, Columbus or even Lewiston, ME to see the cities within cities.

In England demonstrators get it that large numbers of immigrants are hurting the British economy, but our author wonders why the “occupy Wall Streeters” don’t get it.

The U.K. isn’t the only European nation considering a tough immigration policy. The Netherlands’ legislature is seeking tougher measures to curb rampant illegal immigration.

“Political leaders in the United States seem to always want to replicate European policies such as socialized medicine and other progressive public policy. So why don’t they wish to replicate what is now a hot topic in Europe? Why not replicate British immigration policy?” asks former NYPD detective Mike Snopes.

“President [Barack] Obama’s British counterpart mentioned pressures on schools, housing and healthcare, and social pressures that have resulted from Britain’s current immigration rules. Those are the same pressures the U.S. faces, as well,” claims economist Jerry Bendecker.

British cities, especially London, have endured violent protests by a population that is similar to the people in New York City’s Occupy Wall Street movement. However, a growing number of British protesters place part of the blame on uncontrolled immigration that reduces wages and lowers living standards.

My answer is that because it’s really not about jobs (or banks), the Wall Streeters are the dupes of Socialist/Marxist revolutionaries and at this time they see the immigrants as fellow Leftists.  As I have said before, if a majority of immigrants who entered the US said, you know I’m going to vote Republican, immigration (legal and illegal) would be stopped in a heart-beat.

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