Colorado: Uzbek refugee arrested on terror charges

Update Feb 8th:  Suspect pleads not guilty, here.

Update Feb 3:  Muhtarov says he is innocent, here.

Update Feb 2:  A blogger has a  much more detailed account of what might be going on with this terrorist suspect and the US government, but his post raises more questions then it answers.

Update Feb. 1:  Washington Post version of the same story, here.  And, here is the UK Mail’s much more thorough report.

Somebody really needs to get to the bottom of what the HELL we were doing airlifting Muslims from Uzbekistan to the US in the wake of the Andijan “massacre” in 2005.  I mentioned the mystery here in July when I wrote about the Uzbek Muslim “student” arrested for planning to assassinate Pres. Obama.

Now, here is the news from the Denver Post:

AURORA — The Uzbek refugee facing terrorism charges in Denver was a merchant turned human-rights activist who tried to defend farmers, opposed Uzbekistan’s dictator after a 2005 massacre, endured a detention that left him bloody, saw his sister arrested on a false murder charge, then fled by night to neighboring Kyrgyzstan dressed as a woman.

The plight of Jamshid Muhtorov, 35, looked so bleak that the United Nations and U.S. government rescued him,* along with his wife and two small children. U.S. authorities gave Muhtorov a comfortable new perch in Colorado, where state officials estimate as many as 157 other Uzbeks have been resettled after escaping a human-rights disaster.

But now the same government that rescued Muhtorov is prosecuting him under a law that prohibits “material support” for terrorists.

FBI agents arrested him in Chicago on Jan. 21 while he was en route to Turkey. A federal grand jury indicted him for allegedly providing material support to the Islamic Jihad Union — which the U.S. State Department has designated a foreign terrorist organization — and attempting to provide material support.

It’s a complicated case that raises questions about the fine line between freedom fighter and terrorist.

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Not a “fine line” to me—we shouldn’t have to support foreign freedom fighters (homes, jobs, education, and food stamps), let alone terrorists, with our tax dollars through the refugee program.

* As I understand it, we (the State Department or the CIA, or both) were hellbent on getting people like this alleged terrorist out of Europe and to US soil—Why?  I have no idea, but someone knows!

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