Somali jihadists with British accents

Update (related story):  Leader of British Freedom Party, in speech in NYC recently, tells America not to go down the same road as the UK by allowing mass Muslim immigration, here.  Too late I am afraid.  (Hat tip: Ed)

Here is a piece about the increasing number of former Somali refugees and immigrants (or children of immigrants) who have lived in the UK and are now back in Somalia having joined Al Shabaab (just like dozens of Somali-Americans have done).  There is nothing particularly new, especially for readers here who have followed the issue for years.  And, although the article kind of meanders around, it is on CNN and so maybe some Left-leaning folks will actually read it.

Security Clearance on CNN:

Friday’s conviction of Shabaaz Hussain, a former British teaching assistant for donating thousands to Al Shabaab is just the latest reason the Somali terrorist group is increasingly a priority for British security services.

With news stories of somewhere in the region of 50 British passport holders fighting alongside Al Shabaab, British officials are vigilant to the potential for terrorist plots that might emanate from Somalia in the future.The security of the region was in the spotlight last month at an international conference that drew top government officials from around the world.

It came on the heels of Al Shabaab’s announcement that it has officially joined the family of organizations under the al Qaeda banner.

Read it all.

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