Security expert, B. Raman, warns of Rohingya connections to terrorism

Update:  I would really like to write a post about this but have no time.  Please watch this little news clip.  A handful of protestors wearing ‘no Rohingya’ shirts supported Myanmar’s President’s earlier proposal to the UN to resettle what they believe are illegal alien Rohingya’s elsewhere.  Having watched this issue evolve I have great sympathy for the Buddhists and others who feel the international media has ganged up on them and has blindly supported the Rohingya claims of persecution.  In the clip note the reporter says 80 have been killed in recent riots and 100,000 displaced but doesn’t say that those killed have been on both sides.  It is left for the viewer to assume those 80 dead are all Rohingya while in fact Rohingya were doing some of the killing and burning!  Frankly it is maddening to watch!  Other than this one report, I have a whole page of alerts today with “oh those poor Rohingya” news stories.

Back to my original post:

…..and boy are they trying to shut him up (B. Raman, that is):

I don’t want to get deep into the weeds of the links previously documented (and removed at the US State Department!*) of some elements of the Burmese/Bangladesh Rohingya population and their possible connection with Bangladesh’s HUJI-B, but I also want to keep our Rohingya Reports archive up-to-date.

So you need to see this article by B. Raman (and here) in the Sri Lanka Guardian and note he is responding to his critics who are attempting to paint the Rohingya as only the poor downtrodden victimized Muslims of Burma (where Buddhist monks have “gone wild” ).

For new readers this is all you need to know—we have begun the resettlement of Rohingya to the US and the federal refugee contractors are agitating for more.

* Gee I wonder if the removal of this list from the US State Department website since Obama took office has any connection with the allegations being made just this morning by former federal prosecutor, Andrew McCarthy, that the State Department has been compromised by Islamists.

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