Bengali Muslims ruthless against Hindu refugees

Although they don’t use the word ‘Rohingya,’ the “Bengali Muslims” raping Hindu women in a refugee camp in Burma (Myanmar) must be Rohingya.

From Rakhapura Media Group (hat tip: Janet):

Khine Myo Min: Myanmar government authority in Sittwe evacuated ninety eight Hindu refugees from Bengali Muslim dominated refugee camps to downtown Sittwe on Wednesday.

98 people from 18 Hindu families were moved from their current shelter of Thae Chaung and Thak Kay Pron camps to Sittwe city due to increased threats by Bengali Muslim extremists after many reported rapes and attempted rapes and tortures committed by the Bengali Muslims who are majority in the camp.

The transfer was carried out by two military trucks and the Hindu refugees are now living in a Hindu temple located on Mongbagree road.

An officer from Sittwe police station No (1) who do not wish to disclose his identity told RMG that 6 Hindu women including four teenage girls and two house wives were raped by Bengali Muslims during their stay in Thae Chaung camp. “We had to live in a cow butchery. They tried to feed us beef and theaten us with death if we don’t convert to Islam. Our kids had to stay inside for 24 hours to avoid beating and other kind of harassment by the Bengali Muslims. The most horrible thing is that our women are being raped one after another and those Bengali Muslim rapists became more daring when the authority did not take any actions. We have to keep guards for days and nights for the safety of our people there. Those periods are really bad in our life.”, a Hindu man shared about his experience in Thae Chaung camp.

Let me know when you see a story about this in the western mainstream media!  But, I won’t be holding my breath!

For more on Rohingya, see our category Rohingya Reports with 118 previous posts on this Muslim group.  This matters to you if you live in Canada, Ireland or the US (just a few of the western countries already taking ‘Rohingya’ “refugees.”)

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