Australia: Islamophobia on the rise says new study

Seems that regular folks in Australia are leery of employing Muslim immigrants after terrorist attacks in the US and in Bali.  Imagine that!

Note to friends of mine who have said they want to move to Australia after the recent US election—you are dreaming.  They have the same problems we do with a growing population of non-western, largely third world immigrants.  My google alerts are filled daily with stories about recent illegal boat arrivals of mostly Muslims and hunger strikes by asylum seekers that have the government and the people of Australia in regular turmoil.

Get with the program—it is always your fault!  It has nothing to do with events like this one in Australia just this past September—Muslim kids carry signs demanding beheadings.

Tell me, what have supposedly ‘moderate Muslims’ done to disavow and stand up to the so-called hijackers of their religion—nothing!  But, you bad ol’ westerners don’t want to hire them because you are Islamophobic.

Here is the report from

A NEW report paints a devastating picture of Muslim unemployment in Australia and links workplace discrimination to terrorist attacks such as the Bali bombings.

The report says that reducing the deep-seated hostility toward Muslims by a minority of Australians was hard to achieve in an atmosphere created by an open-ended war on terror.

The Newcastle University report was completed last year and quietly released on the Immigration Department’s website.

Using Census data, it found that the jobless rate for Muslim men was more than double the national average and that only 57 per cent of Muslim males aged 15 and older had jobs compared with 68 per cent of all working-age men.   [They must have some generous welfare program—ed]

The seven-person research team, led by Prof Terry Lovat, said that Muslims faced workplace barriers including poor English proficiency, difficulty having overseas qualifications recognised and cultural and religious issues.

But they said that Muslims were also viewed as “others” by employers, and they suffered rising discrimination in the wake of the September 11 terrorist attacks and the 2002 Bali bombings.


“Since the terrorist attacks Islamophobia is on the rise in Western countries, including Australia,” he said.  [By the way, if you haven’t noticed there are lesser attacks and many foiled attacks every day in the West.  It is not just some ancient history attacks like 9/11 that have people “Islamophobic”—ed]

The report’s authors called for a long-term concerted campaign to change societal attitudes that are reflected in workplace discrimination.

How come NO ONE ever asks the Muslims to change?  (click here)

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