What happened with those Iraqis arrested for that brutal rape in Colorado last summer?

A reader sent me this story from last week that appeared in The Independent Sentinel.  It is about the Colorado Springs rape case we told you about last summer.    Our reader wants to know if the accused are refugees—they probably are.

We know one of them is because we reported that back in August, here.  A US soldier actually helped one of them get into the US!*

Generally though, it is one of the most frustrating things over the years because the mainstream media rarely tells you the answer to the fundamental question most casual readers of news want to know—how did this bunch get here?     I think they are trying to protect illegal aliens by not using the “illegal” word but in fact they then leave us guessing and assuming that they are here legally.

Anyway, here is the short news story from The Independent Sentinel with a link to the August TV report from Colorado.  Be sure to see their mugshots!   It might be a new story to some of you.  But, the story appears to have dropped down a black hole, so if anyone has an update on it, please let us know.

Five Iraqi Muslims have been arrested in the brutal rape of a Colorado woman. Her injuries were said to be “rarely seen.”

“I can tell you this is one of the most horrific sexual assaults I’ve seen in my career as a police officer,” said Lt. Howard Black with the Colorado Springs Police Department.

She was helping the men who were involved in a fight and was then invited into the home of one who was joined by the others. She conversed with them to offer support. She was then drugged and brutalized for her kindness. She said they kept complaining about their treatment in the United States.

KKTV has the story.

Gang rapes by Muslims in Sweden and Norway are common and they are brutal. It is a common thing in many Muslim countries. They do not hold women in any regard and they do not look upon Western women as human.

When will Sandra Fluke and Nancy Pelosi speak up about these crimes in the real war on women? They are too busy worrying about paying for contraception at the expense of freedom of religion.  [Yes indeed!—ed]

Special Immigrant Visa

* By the way, the alleged rapist helped by a US soldier to get into the US is probably an entrant identified as an SIV (short for ‘special immigrant visa’).  It was a new refugee law pushed by the now deceased Senator Ted Kennedy that allows Iraqis (who helped Americans) to get into the US more easily.  We wrote about it years ago, but I’m too pressed for time to look for a link.  You might want to visit WRAPS, here, and check out the data bases.  There is one for SIVs and you will see that Colorado got 288 SIVs since 2008.

States with higher numbers of SIVs are Texas (1691), California (940), Virginia (488), Tennessee (419), then several states that got comparable numbers to Colorado are Michigan, Illinois and North Carolina.

For hundreds of things you would like to know about Iraqi refugees, visit our Iraqi Refugees category, here.  This is post number 554 in that category!

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