I repeat: Who took Karnamaya Mongar to have an abortion? And, why?

One day I guess we will know the answers to those questions (see my previous post for background).  Maybe after Gosnell gets his due there should be another prosecution?

I see today on Drudge that he has a link to the opening of the Kermit Gosnell abortion doctor trial in Philly and this (below) is near the end of the article.

Gosnell and his Philadelphia abortion clinic.

Gosnell’s attorney calls the prosecution “elitist” and “racist.”   From Philly.com:

He is also charged with third-degree murder in the death of a Virginia woman, Karnamaya Mongar, 41, who prosecutors allege was administered too much anesthesia during a 2009 abortion.

McMahon, however, argued that Mongar, a political refugee from Bhutan who arrived in the United States four months before her death, did not tell Gosnell or his staff that she had respiratory problems that made her more vulnerable to anesthesia.

If Mrs. Mongar had only been in the US for four months as a refugee who didn’t speak English, she would still have been under the supposedly watchful eye of a resettlement contractor.   So who helped her ‘find her way’ to Philly?

Was it Catholic Charities?

Lutheran Immigration Services?

Virginia Council of Churches?

or, the secular International Rescue Committee?

It could have been any of those four—all are resettlement contractors operating in Virginia.

I’m not convinced that a new refugee from a camp in Nepal could decide to have an abortion, find one of the few abortion clinics like Gosnell’s that still exist, get herself to another state and then be expected (without English) to give an accounting of her medical condition.  She had to have American help.   Were other refugees being taken to Gosnell?

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