Immigration and the Arab Spring in Europe

There is a good essay at The Gatestone Institute last week you should have a look at.  This is the important takeaway point for me from writer Anat Berko:

What we are witnessing is not multiculturalism; it is a violent attempt by guests to devour their hosts, along with their houses, property, culture and legacy.

Here are the opening paragraphs:

The now iconic photo of ‘the woman in red’ being pepper sprayed in Turkey may come to symbolize the turning point for Europe. Osman Orsal/REUTERS

In a 1996 interview, Hamas founder and leader Sheikh Ahmed Yassin stated that “every Arab rule that does not rule by the law of Allah and his religion is to be rejected.” That was 17 years ago, long before the so-called Arab Spring, the terrorist attacks in the United States and Europe and the “days of rage” declared by Muslim rioters worldwide; now the breathing spaces between the attacks get shorter, and turn into years of rage.

One would expect that Muslim immigrants, whose children were born in the West, would adapt, become part of the Western society and partake of its freedom — otherwise, why did they immigrate? What we see, however, is the opposite. The beheading of a British soldier in London, and the murder of a soldier in France, are only the beginning of a wave of violence and a dictatorship of fundamentalists who will call the tune. The wave of riots and vandalism carried out by Muslim immigrants in France in 2005 was just a hint at what is to come. The immigrants are brainwashed in the mosques, the madrasas [Islamic religious schools] and informal discussion groups, all of which represent the West as worse than Sodom and Gomorrah.

Berko goes on to hypothesize that it may be the western woman who leads the way back from the brink of cultural annihilation.  Read it all.

Photo:  For more photos of the ‘woman in red’ see the Guardian, here.  Symbol of rejection of the Islamization of Turkey?

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