Nightline Exclusive worth watching! Dozens of Terrorists Could Live in US as Refugees

Waada Alwan and Mohanad Hammadi. (Photo courtesy of U.S. Marshal’s Service)

Until this morning, I didn’t have the time to watch the Nightline Exclusive about how those two Iraqi refugee terrorists, arrested in Bowling Green, KY in 2011, were exposed.

It is really a fascinating piece if you haven’t watched it.

We reported the ABC News report on the story here, two days ago.

Go here to watch the whole thing!  The investigation is continuing into whether there are others like Waada Alwan and Mohanad Hammadi who got into the US with American blood on their hands after checking boxes on their refugee application that they had not been part of any terrorist action in Iraq.

We have written an awful lot on the case, if you type ‘Kentucky Iraqi terrorists’ into our search function, most of those earlier reports should be archived with those key words.

By the way, I noticed in the Nightline piece that there was some consternation by officials interviewed about why Bowling Green.  Bowling Green is a preferred refugee resettlement site for the US State Department and its nine federal contractors and has been for probably two decades.

How does a city become “preferred?”   First, it has to have some big companies nearby in need of cheap labor (chicken processing in this case), available public housing, and then it must have a low number on the squawk index!   What is that you ask?   That’s my terminology for whether there develops a cadre citizens in the community who ask what the heck is happening to our city?   No (or little) squawking=more refugees will be resettled there!

For new readers:  We have admitted to the US 19,491 Iraqis in fiscal year 2013 alone!

Photo is from this story from the Courier-Journal on the pair’s indictment.

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