Somali stowaway’s mom found in Ethiopia, she wants to come to the US

Leave it to the UK Daily Mail to get an exclusive interview with the Hawaii-bound Somali boy’s mom.  He is still in a hospital in Hawaii, by the way.  No brain damage I hope!

Yahya Abdi wanted to get back to Africa.

Here is our earlier report on the story that stunned and dismayed the airline security world.

My first reaction to hearing the news, uncovered by the Daily Mail (we are so thankful for the British press), is once again we have a case of the UN and the US State Department not doing adequate screening (and believing the lies of Somalis who want a foot in America’s front door).

It has all been swept under the rug now, but longtime readers know that in 2008, the US State Department closed the family reunification program for Somalis (stayed closed for years) because they found (surprise!) widespread fraud (lying!)—tens of thousands had lied to get into the US!  None were ever deported.

Now, get this!  Mom is on her way here (or thinks she is) and she expects the US government to take care of her kids until she gets here.

Then, of course, who is going to pay for the legal wrangling in court as she attempts to get her kids back from her lying cheat of a husband—we are, the US taxpayer.  Why is all of this our problem?

From the UK Daily Mail (hat tip:  ‘pungentpeppers’ who has been following the case closely):

The stowaway teenager who miraculously survived a five hour flight to Hawaii hidden in the wheel well of a Boeing 767 was falsely told by his own father that his mother was dead – and he discovered the truth two years ago, it was claimed today.

Yahya Abdi – pictured here for the first time – ran away from the home he shares with his father, stepmother and siblings because he wanted to find his mom, who he has not seen since 2006.

His mother Ubah Mohamed Abdullahi, 35, was left heartbroken when she split from her husband Abdulahi Abdi Yusef.  [I will bet you a buck that he had both wives at the same time—ed]

He remarried a woman called Sainab Abdi and then left with Ubah’s three children to travel to the United States.

But she is now in the process of immigrating to America and is determined to win her children back, exclusively telling MailOnline, ‘I need my children and they need me’.


Speaking on the phone through a translator from the Sheed-dheer Refugee camp in Ethiopia, she explained how her ex-husband had told her children, Yahya, Yassir and Najma she was killed in a rocket attack in Mogadishu.

Apparently furious Yahya only found out she was still alive two years ago, through the local Somali community.

The emotional mother said: ‘When they imigrated to the United they told the authorities I was dead.

I don’t know what this sponsor bit (below) is, however, you can be sure some rich American do-gooder isn’t going to “sponsor” her and take care of her and pay her legal bills!  Daily Mail continues:

‘I am currently in the process of getting a sponsor to move to the United States. It is a long process, but I will come and I will get full custody of my children.

‘I want the American Government to look after them until I come because I do not believe they are safe with their father and their stepmother. She treats my children badly, she has her own children and she doesn’t care about mine.

 The “American Government” is you, dear reader!

Read it all, the Daily Mail has more including more photos.

Here is a thought, maybe send them all back to the new government in Somalia to sort out their domestic dispute.

Here are two more news accounts of this latest news:  CBS San Francisco (with news clip) and Boston Herald.

For new readers, we have now long surpassed 100,000 Somalis admitted to the US and just this fiscal year (2014) we have already admitted 3,708 additional Somali “refugees.”  At that rate, 2014 will be another banner year for Somali migration to America.