Ireland to take 90+ Syrians, but no welfare for them

More in our ‘invasion of Europe’ series!

Ireland, like all Western countries, has been pressured by the United Nations to do its part and take Syrian “refugees.”  A few months ago they agreed to take 90.  They have 94 applications.

The mystery remains about why the US hasn’t opened America’s door to Syrians in any large numbers yet, especially in light of the enormous pressure from the UN and the US resettlement contractors.

Ireland here we come!

From the Journal:

IRELAND HAS RECEIVED 94 applications from Syrians living in Ireland, asking for vulnerable members of their family still caught up in the conflict to be allowed to travel and reside here.


People currently still in Syria or those who have fled to neighbouring countries were eligible to apply through their relatives in Ireland.

At the time, then-Minister for Justice, Shatter, said the situation in Syria had reached “catastrophic proportions” and Ireland needed to do more to “allay the concerns of family members who are present here about their most vulnerable family members”.

He said it was also important to show solidarity to Syria’s neighbours, including the Lebanon and Turkey, which have been shouldering the burden of the refugee crisis since 2011.  [Nuts!—ed]


“A sponsor may be a single person or the head of a family unit. Persons admitted under the programme will be entitled to work, establish a business, or invest in the State.”

There are strict obligations for the applicants in that the person “should not become a burden on the State”.

If these family members cannot find employment the onus will be on the sponsors to support them during their time in Ireland.

So, what happens if they fall into poverty and become a burden on the State, is Ireland going to kick them out?  I doubt it!

See this very informative graphic we posted in February with the promises made by Western countries.

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