Here we go again! Muslim jihadists creating more refugees in Iraq

It is all over the news, so we don’t need to say much, except (ho hum!) here we go again!


This is just what needs to happen, set up camps for those displaced and the UN can protect them from attack right there and move them home later.

From NBC News:

The new wave of violence in western Iraq has created a “toxic brew” of hardship that has ballooned the country’s crippling refugee crisis by more than 50 percent in just a few days, international aid groups said Thursday.

Just this week, an estimated half-million people have fled the city of Mosul, which was overrun by suspected militants of the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant, also called ISIL or ISIS, international aid workers told NBC News. Most, about 300,000, are pitching up in Erbil province in the north, according to the office of the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees, with the rest flowing elsewhere inside Mosul’s Nineveh province.

Readers, at this moment, Iraqis make up the largest segment of the refugee flow to America (and most are not Christians!).  We are taking about 20,000 a year.  So far this fiscal year (2014) we have taken 11,660.  With millions on the move and apparently more to come, and as Muslims continue their squabbles, what do we think we are accomplishing by continuing the flow of needy Muslims into your cities and towns?

Readers, this is our 618th post about Iraqi refugees—-getting pretty sick of them!


Bulgaria trying to save itself from invasion comes under criticism

Recently we have praised two first world countries where governments are trying to save themselves from migrant tides rising around the world—Australia and Israel.  I should have added Bulgaria to the short list of countries with a will to survive.

More in our invasion of Europe series…..

Bulgarian nationalist party ATAKA wants Bulgaria for Bulgarians!

Consider the source of the criticism—Human Rights Watch!


Bulgaria has embarked on a “Containment Plan” to reduce the number of asylum seekers in the country, Human Rights Watch said in a report released Tuesday.

According to the 76-page report, called “Containment Plan: Bulgaria’s Pushbacks and Detention of Syrian and other Asylum Seekers and Migrants,” the plan has been carried out in part by summarily pushing back Syrians, Afghans, and others as they irregularly cross the border from Turkey. [Ticks me off!  No one ever criticizes Muslim Turkey for allowing the crossings of mostly Muslims into Bulgaria!—ed]

The document speaks of how in recent months Bulgarian border police have summarily returned people, who appear to be asylum seekers, to Turkey without proper procedures and with no opportunity to lodge asylum claims. Bulgaria should end summary expulsions at the Turkish border, stop the excessive use of force by border guards, and improve the treatment of detainees and conditions of detention in police stations and migrant detention centers, the report said.

Bulgaria has not been a host country for significant numbers of refugees on average registering about 1,000 asylum seekers per year in the past decade. The situation changed in 2013 when more than 11,000 people, over half of them fleeing Syria’s deadly repression and war, lodged asylum applications. Despite ample early warning signs, Bulgaria was unprepared for the increase, Human Rights Watch claimed citing a February 5, 2014 report by the Interior Ministry saying that “Until mid-2013 Bulgaria was completely unprepared for the forecasted refugee flow.”

Keep in mind that Bulgaria is not only being overrun with Syrians, Africans ‘make their way’ all the way to Bulgaria— some going through Turkey as well.

We have followed the plight of tiny Bulgaria for some time now, click here for more.  And, for our ‘invasion of Europe’ series, go here.

Obama: We need the migrant kids! Limbaugh: for Democrat voters!

Did you catch Rush Limbaugh yesterday?

Limbaugh: If our future rests on the illegal alien kids, why are we depriving their home countries of their best people?

He talked about Obama’s trip to Massachusetts where Obama pushed the idea (to Democrat donors!) that America needs the ‘dreamer’ kids like the thousands recently streaming illegally across our border.***

Limbaugh says Obama needs them, of course, for fresh blood as Democrat voters, but Limbaugh also said, and I wish I had thought of it, if these dreamers are so important to our future why are we luring them from their poor homelands mostly in Mexico and Central America? 

Hey Obama, aren’t you in fact stealing their best people and robbing those countries of their futures?

Here is a post at National Review Online about Obama’s talk to Democrat donors, a talk that Limbaugh referred to:

President Obama reminded Democratic donors that “our future rests” on the success of people brought to the United States illegally as children, who would qualify for citizenship if Congress had passed the DREAM Act.


Obama made the comments at a Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee fundraiser in Massachusetts, in reference to students at Worcester Tech.


“We need it badly from a purely — purely economic point of view,” Biden said Tuesday, per The Hill. It’s an argument that corporations tend to support, but the White House push comes as Congress is still coming to terms with the shock of House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R., Va.) losing his primary to Dave Brat, a political novice supported by local Tea Party activists who faulted Cantor for being out of touch with the district.

Radio talk show host Laura Ingraham promises to make sure the Republican nominee for President in 2016 is not Jeb Bush!

Cantor’s support for DREAM Act-style legislation, which he announced a few months after the 2012 election, inspired conservative radio host Laura Ingraham to rally grassroots voters against him.

“Now, Ingraham is setting her sights on 2016: In particular, she wants to ensure that the Republican nominee is not cut from Cantor’s cloth,” National Review Online’s Eliana Johnson reported. “Brat’s victory, she says, is a step in the right direction: ‘Everybody that’s hoping and praying for a Jeb Bush run, they should spend a lot of time focusing on what just happened in Virginia.’”

Remember Bush’s controversial remarks a couple of months ago about the illegals flooding in from Central America and Mexico when he called their illegal entry an “act of love?”

One of my friends wondered yesterday if the Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services lobbying campaign for the “kids” called #ActOfLove was inspired by Bush!

If you are on twitter, be sure to tweet your stories about the “vulnerable kids” to #ActOfLove!

Also, see Obama Admin forbids photos of illegal alien kids detention facility, here.

***The kids will be under the care of the Office of Refugee Resettlement and its contractors, here.

Germany to take another 10,000 Syrians…..

…on top of the 10,000 they have already taken!   

We learned the other day that German public opinion is resoundingly against more Muslim immigration and I doubt that most of the newcomers are Christians.

From the German Mission in the US:

Germany has doubled the number of refugees from Syria it will accept to 20,000, the Interior Ministry has announced. “Germany stands by its humanitarian responsibility,” Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière said. “It is therefore right that together we help even more.” Federal and state interior ministries agreed on the increase at their spring meeting in Bonn on June 12.

We posted this very interesting graph in February which gives you some idea of which European countries want Syrians:


So what is up with the US?  Don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining but as of May 31 we had resettled (through the Refugee Admissions program) only 42 Syrians.  Compare that to the number of Iraqis (11,660), Burmese (9,500) and Somalis (5,015) we have taken already this year!   Someone somewhere has security concerns about the Syrians, but heck we took all those Iraqis and Somalis!

***Update***  This piece says Germany has already taken 40,000 Syrians and it’s a plea to take even more!