Ireland to take 90 Syrians this year


IRELAND WILL ACCEPT 90 Syrian refugees this year, the government has told the United Nation’s refugee agency.

Most will be resettled from host countries in the Middle East and North African region. According to the Department of Justice, they could possibly come from over-populated camps in Lebanon and Jordan.


Earlier this week, the UK agreed to take up to 500 refugees after a battle with the UNHCR for not signing on to its ‘quota’ programme.

Check out this interesting graphic accompanying the story.  I guess that message that the US has agreed to take 2,000 (from the article about US Rep. Pascrell wanting 15,000) hasn’t reached the UN.  Frankly, I didn’t think the 2,000 was a done deal yet because the security screening will take a long time and we are already 4 months into the fiscal year.

Crazy Germany!  FBI: Who are these Syrians moving into Europe?

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