Australia: Afghan asylum-seeker guilty of groping girls

LOL! An earlier story called it the “Dog-paddle swim sex defence!”

Just so you know that problems with so-called “asylum seekers,” and the question of detaining them, is happening all over the world, here is a case in Australia—a guy named Mohammed can’t resist the infidel girls.  Ho hum! What else is new?

From the Daily Telegraph (hat tip: ‘pungentpeppers):

AN asylum seeker who “traumatised” seven teenage girls by indecently groping them in the Sydney Olympic Park pool had only been in Australia for six months, a court has heard.

Mohammed Salem Nazari pleaded guilty at Burwood Local Court yesterday to two charges of indecent assault on two 18-year-old girls and five offences of indecently assaulting a person under the age of 16 at the pool.

The 33-year-old, who doesn’t speak English, assaulted the girls — the youngest aged 14 — in the Rapid River Ride whirlpool within 25 minutes on December 8.

The asylum seeker had recently arrived in Australia from Afghanistan and was on a bridging visa.

His lawyer told Burwood Local Court last year that Nazari was “a poor or non-swimmer” and only came into contact with the girls due to the current in the pool.

After initially pleading not guilty to the charges during an unsuccessful bail application late last year, Nazari reversed that yesterday and admitted all of the accusations.

Here is that interpreter issue again!  ($$$$ for Australian taxpayers)

Nazari required a Dari interpreter during all of his court appearances.

In Australia they have this so-called ‘bridging visa’ which allows some asylum seekers to roam free, and Nazari’s visa was cancelled when charges were filed.  This is one more case that argues for detention.

Just a reminder!  We learned this week that only a tiny fraction of “asylum seekers” are held in detention in the US.

Immigration Minister Scott Morrison’s office confirmed in December that Nazari’s visa had been cancelled and court papers said he was the “subject of an immigration hold”.

It came after a Coalition crackdown on asylum seekers and bridging visa holders in trouble with the law.

Under the previous government some asylum seekers remained in the community while facing charges with revocations considered on a case-by-case basis.

After serving his sentence, Nazari is expected to be deported.   Frankly, he is too dumb to be allowed to stay.

Federal contractor, Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, lectures Israel

Invasion of Rome! Been there, done that!

I have a question for Mark Hetfield, CEO of one of nine major federal refugee resettlement contractors:  Is there any number of “asylum seekers” or “refugees” that is too many for you?   If 60,000 migrants wanting to stay in Israel is not very many in your eyes, where does it stop?  Would 100,000 be the upper limit?  How about a quarter of a million?

Is there any number of infiltrators that is too many?

Or, should Israel simply do away with borders altogether and let any Africans (or Arabs) who wish it, go to tiny Israel?

I get so ticked-off by these do-gooder big mouths telling another country what to do, whether it’s Israel, Bulgaria or tiny Malta.  Do those countries and their citizens simply say—come one and all and destroy our country?

Here is Hetfield at the Washington Jewish Week last month (Jewish values*, refugees, lost opportunities):

Nearly 60,000 Africans fleeing war, oppression and violence have sought refuge in Israel, a prosperous and democratic country established in 1948 by refugees themselves.

These asylum seekers were not just fleeing from oppression, but to a prosperous and
democratic country. While Israel’s courts have protected them and new Israeli friends have defended them, the welcome asylum seekers have received has been less than warm. In fact, the official government term for these individuals is “infiltrators,” and they are unofficially known as “illegal work migrants.” Concentrated in the poorest neighborhoods, supporting themselves by working only on the gray market, labeled a threat by the government, and living on the margins of society, their treatment has exacerbated social tensions in places like South Tel Aviv.

The Israeli government’s response was to build a fence to prevent new unauthorized border crossings. By all accounts, the fence has been a success, with crossings now close to zero.

The success of the fence, by limiting the potential for new arrivals, presented Israel with an opportunity to demonstrate the Jewish values of human dignity, refugee protection and treating the stranger among us as thyself. The Israeli government could have pursued this opportunity simply by ceasing to call asylum seekers “infiltrators,” and by allowing those already in Israel to remain and work legally, until it is safe to return home.

There is more if you care to read it.   And, Hetfield knows damn well they will never go “home” to Africa!

Come on Mark, what is YOUR upper limit?  And, where is your editorial about Saudi Arabia, did I miss it?  They deport tens of thousands of Africans weekly we are told.  Got a lecture for them too?

I wonder how many ‘leaders’ like Hetfield it took to bring down the mighty Roman empire.

For our complete archive on Israel and the problems it is having with economic migrants (faux asylum seekers), click here.

* LOL! Have you noticed that the latest hip word for the open borders crowd is “values.”  Grover Norquist used it here just this week as well.  “Jewish values!”  “American values!”  Blah, blah, blah!

Guest column: Norwegian ‘Dream Act’ Failure Led to Teenaged Mother’s Murder

Editor’s note:  From time to time we publish a guest column.  This one is from our reader ‘pungentpeppers’ who has been indispensable in finding us some incredible stories to post.

The teenaged mother was stabbed in the shower by her husband, who was not named in media accounts.

Immigration Law Designed to Protect Children Backfires

A murder case in Norway reveals an Afghan man married a much younger, underage wife, and intended to use her for immigration benefits. When she and their child were granted temporary residency (as unaccompanied minors), but she failed to file for her husband who was living illegally in Norway, the husband killed her.  Norwegian prosecutors cite the husband’s motive for murder as “jealousy”.

The victim’s name is Fahezeh Ahmadi.  The husband has not been identified. Fahezeh was only 14 when she was married off to her 26-year-old cousin in Afghanistan.  A year later she gave birth to a baby daughter.  After a time, the family left Afghanistan and headed to Norway, arriving in March 2013.  Once in Norway, the teenager sought asylum with her daughter. She filed on the basis that she she was “unaccompanied” having become separated from her husband while traveling.

As a minor apparently alone in Norway with a child, she was granted temporary residence and was living in an asylum center on Norway’s south coast.

However, Fahezeh was not alone – her husband was in Norway, illegally, and may have been staying with Fahezeh’s sister!

In June 2013, Fahezeh applied for leave from the asylum center to visit her sister living in Grua, a small town some distance away.  While she was taking a shower at her sister’s home, Fahezeh’s husband stabbed her three times, killing her. The husband then fled, snatching their two-year-old daughter.

The motherless two-year old was found in Italy.

After a search spanning several countries, Fehezeh’s husband was arrested in Italy, and both he and the child were returned to Norway.  The husband admitted to killing his wife.  Last week, the now 29-year-old was sentenced to 16 years in prison for the murder that the court believed was pre-meditated.  The killer plans to appeal.

Norwegian society’s best intentions were expressed by laws guaranteeing immigration rights to children.  However, those laws killed Fahezeh.  Fahezeh met her fate because she failed to deliver the goods that were expected by her husband – goods that he believed were his right under Norwegian law – legal residency for himself as the spouse of a woman who applied for asylum while still a minor.

Our world has too many unscrupulous, predatory and manipulative adults.  Sometimes it is the parents who send their children off “alone” – often to a dangerous and uncertain fate – with the expectation that they will obtain residency and then produce immigration papers for the rest of the family.  Other times, the culprits are the husbands of vulnerable young girls – as in Fahezeh’s tragic Norwegian saga.

“Exactly what the powers of hell feed on: the best instincts in man.” – author Philip K. Dick

Note to foreign readers:  The “Dream Act” is a proposed law that would grant residency rights and ultimately citizenship to children who are illegally present in the U.S.  When Congress didn’t pass the bill, President Obama, with the stroke of a pen, created the  Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program which gives illegal alien minors the right to stay and work in the US (and go to college at taxpayer expense!).  The US is also experiencing an explosion in ‘unaccompanied minors’ arrivals (like Fahezeh in Norway) who come under the care of contractors hired by the Office of Refugee Resettlement.

For further reading about this tragic case:

Gov. Sam Brownback: Don’t bring those Somalis to Kansas!

Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback, friend of Norquist, we love refugees, just not Somalis in Kansas!

A few days ago, likely spearheaded by Grover Norquist and his sidekick Suhail Kahn***, a group of Republican open borders enthusiasts made a public appeal to bring in more refugees and remove barriers (what? those terrorism bars) preventing them from entering the country. Said the ten:

Our policies toward refugees are at the heart of our American values.

One of those signing the letter, here, asking for more refugees, was none other than former Senator Sam Brownback, now Kansas governor, who, even as he sat on a key immigration subcommittee in the US Senate, said of the Somali Bantus whose resettlement he was advocating for some other communities in America—DON’T SEND ‘EM TO KANSAS!

You can read more about this Republican’s hypocrisy here at VDARE in 2003.   The New York Times obliquely referred to Brownback’s backpedaling here.

***Don’t miss the damning report on Norquist and Kahn just released by the Center for Security Policy—Islamists’ assault on the right, enabling the Muslim Brotherhood in America!

So, much for those American values—-just not in Brownback’s backyard!