Somali fraudsters exposed in Lewiston, ME and Columbus, Ohio

The Lewiston fraud is your run-of-the-mill welfare fraud (with a little alleged forgery and some lying thrown in!) which we are becoming familiar with in the cities, like Columbus and Lewiston, that have “welcomed” diversity.  The Columbus story adds an interesting and new piece of information about the creative ways refugees are defrauding Uncle Sam.

From the Lewiston Sun Journal  (by the way, when I type ‘Lewiston fraud’ into our search bar this is what I get—lots of previous posts):

AUBURN — A Lewiston couple denied in court Thursday charges that they schemed to defraud the government out of welfare benefits over the past nine years.

Amina H. Ege, 42, of 105 Shawmut St., was indicted by an Androscoggin County grand jury on two counts of theft by deception, four counts of aggravated forgery and 12 counts of unsworn falsification. Six of the charges are felonies punishable by up to 10 years in prison. The remaining charges are misdemeanors.

Abdi A. Hassan, 43, of the same address, was indicted on two counts of theft by deception, seven counts of aggravated forgery, one count of negotiating a worthless instrument and five counts of unsworn falsification. Nine of the charges are felonies, each punishable by up to 10 years in prison, and one of the counts is a felony punishable by up to five years in prison. The rest of the charges are misdemeanors.

According to court documents, the two are accused of lying about the fact that they were living together while Hassan was providing Ege with financial support. She was accused of failing to disclose that she had received a workers’ compensation settlement.

Because of those omissions, according to the indictment, Ege received more than $10,000 worth of benefits from programs such as Supplemental Nutrition Assistance, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families and Section 8 housing, among others.

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Who knew that the federal ‘No Child Left Behind’ program was paying Somalis to educate kids!

Mussa Farah is a spokesman for the central Ohio Somali community and on Mayor Michael B. Coleman’s Community Relations Commission.

From the Columbus Dispatch (hat tip: ‘pungentpeppers’):

Columbus City Schools are stepping up oversight of independent tutors paid for by the federal No Child Left Behind program, terminating eight contracts this school year.

The problems have ranged from students’ signatures being falsified to employees who weren’t paid, according to district documents.

Last week, the district sent a letter to Horn of Africa, a tutoring program in Linden, stating that it was rescinding its contract based on evidence that employees “falsified dates, times of attendance and student signatures on attendance forms.”

The district conducted an inspection in January of Horn of Africa and said it had found students on computers not receiving instruction, including some playing online games, according to a district report.

“No instruction taking place,” the district representative commented on the form.

Mussa Farah, who owns the service that was paid almost $83,000 in federal money during the 2009-10 school year, said an illness in his family distracted him from running the center, which he voluntarily closed after being notified recently of the problems.

Farah said that the claim that a student’s signature had been falsified came because a student who had signed in left tutoring early because of an illness.

“I never did anything wrong,” said Farah, who is a spokesman for the central Ohio Somali community and on Mayor Michael B. Coleman’s Community Relations Commission. “The decision to stop came from me. I had to fire the teachers and everyone who was there.”

Farah still operates a tutoring center for South-Western City Schools that runs on federal money.


Under federal law, parents of students whose schools are low-performing can choose to get tutoring from any provider who signs up with the state. Columbus schools paid more than $3.7 million last school year to 53 providers, Braverman said.

There is much more, read it all!

I’ll bet they had been laughing all the way to the bank about us dumb infidels!

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Israel: deceptive headline about African migrants

Press conference January 22 in Tel Aviv

Here is the headline of a story about Israel’s problems with over 50,000 illegal African migrants in the country:

African Migrants In Israel Asked To Leave The Country — Or Report To A Detention Center

I thought, wow, they are getting serious.  The headline left me with the impression that they were rounding ’em up by the tens of thousands.

Then this:

This month alone 1,700 African asylum seekers living in Israeli cities were ordered to report to the Holot facility, according to the Jerusalem Post. But very few have done so.

So, how many showed up at the detention center?

Only 26 African migrants arrive at detention facility as 30-day deadline expires

Israel is also offering a payment of $3,500 for any economic migrant willing to leave the country.

It will be interesting to see what happens next.

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UNHCR tells countries to take Somali asylum seekers while closing Kenyan camp

Dadaab: Going home to Somalia and to 44 industrialized countries around the world!

I don’t know what to make of this!  While we are getting news that the UN is working toward closing the massive Somali refugee camp in Kenya (the Kenyan government doesn’t want them after the horrific mall attack), and “refugees” are returning to Somalia (here), the UN is also admonishing governments around the globe to take more Somali asylum seekers.

Asylum seeking Somali numbers are high!   How many arrived in Malmo? Are they fearful, or just looking to be taken care of in the West?

From All Africa:

More than 42,000 Somalis sought asylum in neighbouring countries and elsewhere in 2013.

Feeding into their fear, the UNHCR says don’t send them back to Somalia (while the UN scales back rations and sends them out of Kenya?), continued UNHCR at All Africa:

We are appealing to all states to uphold their international obligations with regard to no forced returns, or non-refoulement. Somali nationals should not be forcibly returned to Somalia unless the returning state is convinced that the persons involved would not be at risk of persecution.


Between January and November 2013, 21,517 Somalis sought asylum in neighbouring countries. In addition, Somalis filed 20,600 asylum claims in 44 industrialized countries in 2013, compared to 18,701 claims in 2012. While more than 33,000 spontaneous returns were recorded between January and November 2013, many may not have been permanent. As of end 2012, the number of Somali refugees worldwide was 1.136 million.

If they all went back to Somalia (with the help of the UN!), al-Shabaab would not have a prayer of surviving against a million people encouraged and determined to re-build their country.  The UN seems to be encouraging them to be fearful and expects “industrialized countries” to take care of them.

Maybe it’s time for Somalis to ‘man-up!’

Malmo, Sweden: Somali unemployment rate at 80% says Soros report

Here is news on one more of George Soros Open Society reports on how Somalis are doing in Europe.  They are doing pretty well in Sweden it seems with 80% unemployed in Malmo and 40% in Stockholm which means they are surviving quite nicely with Sweden’s famed social safety net.

Benny Carlsson Lund University: Somalis value Malmo’s low cost of living! I bet they do!

From The Local:

 The Open Society Foundation published the report as part of a broader look at the Somali diaspora in Europe. It found that 80 percent of Somalis in Sweden’s third largest city are out of work.

“Somalis are falling into a black hole in Malmö because they can’t get jobs,” report author Benny Carlsson of the Lund School of Economics and Management at Lund University told The Local. “(They don’t get) opportunities to practice Swedish and meet Swedes, and are forced to live in crowded flats.”

The situation fostered, Carlsson said, a “diminished overall sense of self-worth”.

The report said Malmö authorities were not reaching out enough with the Somali community, with new arrivals not getting enough information to help them find work.

One suggestion from the study is to get elderly Swedes to take Somalis under their wing, invite them for dinner.

There is a lot more, read it all.

Our previous reports from Soros are here (Helsinki) and here (Oslo).

I thought I had written about the professor before and sure enough, here, he was in Minnesota bragging about Sweden’s generous welfare programs!

Carlsson also cited Sweden’s social safety net which “lets people live at a decent level even if they don’t work, while the same can’t be said of the United States”.

Why work?

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