Ireland to take 90 Syrians this year


IRELAND WILL ACCEPT 90 Syrian refugees this year, the government has told the United Nation’s refugee agency.

Most will be resettled from host countries in the Middle East and North African region. According to the Department of Justice, they could possibly come from over-populated camps in Lebanon and Jordan.


Earlier this week, the UK agreed to take up to 500 refugees after a battle with the UNHCR for not signing on to its ‘quota’ programme.

Check out this interesting graphic accompanying the story.  I guess that message that the US has agreed to take 2,000 (from the article about US Rep. Pascrell wanting 15,000) hasn’t reached the UN.  Frankly, I didn’t think the 2,000 was a done deal yet because the security screening will take a long time and we are already 4 months into the fiscal year.

Crazy Germany!  FBI: Who are these Syrians moving into Europe?

Last of 4 San Diego Somalis sentenced in terror funding case

This is the case we have reported on previously where a local Imam was sentenced to prison as well.

Ahmed Nasir Taalil Mohamud

From NBC San Diego here, but I see it is a story carried by many outlets over the weekend.

A U.S. District judge sentenced a Somali immigrant to six years in prison Friday for his part in a San Diego-based plot to support terrorist group al-Shabaab.

Ahmed Nasir Taalil Mohamud, a cab driver from Anaheim, is the last of four people to be sentenced after they were found guilty in February 2013 during a three-week trial.

U.S. attorney Laura Duffy said Nasir, Basaaly Saeed Moalin, Mohamed Mohamed Mohamud and Issa Doreh conspired to give money to al-Shabaab.

The prosecution alleged that Nasir collected funds from donors in Orange County to send to the militia group, which is known for its suicide bombings, civilian assassinations and use of improvised explosive devices, according to Duffy.

The U.S State Department officially listed al-Shabaab as a foreign terrorist organization in 2008.

During Friday’s sentencing, U.S. District Judge Jeffrey T. Miller said while Nasir was the least culpable member of the conspiracy and is a refugee from war-torn Somalia, his offenses were “very serious.”

Nasir’s co-conspirators were sentenced last November. Cab driver Basaaly Saeed Moalin was sentenced to 18 years, Mohamed Mohamed Mohamud – an imam at a local mosque – was sentenced 13 years, and Issa Doreh was sentenced to 10 years for working at a money transmitting business that helped move the illegal funds.

Hey come on Congress, let’s see a bill which would direct the US State Department to cover the cost of expensive trials and incarceration (instead of the state and local jurisdiction!) where “refugees” they admitted to the US commit crimes.

Syrian refugees transit to America by “vacationing” in Cuba

Rep. Pascrell: bring in 15,000 Syrians this year!

Update February 4th:  The PR push is on, Think Progress (Soros and Podesta) showcase another Syrian who got into the US, here.

Update:  The New York Times did a feature story on this family a month ago.  The well-connected savvy Muslim Syrian family is not what you picture as destitute, struggling refugees.  They knew how to work the system!

And, NJ Rep. Bill Pascrell Jr., D-Paterson is pushing for Obama to increase the 70,000 refugee goal for FY2014 by another 15,000 for Syrians.

From North (Hat tip: ‘pungentpeppers’):

PATERSON – When the onslaught of bombs grew too close to home, Abdulrazak Chacha and his family fled Aleppo, Syria, with nothing but the clothes on their backs and their passports.

They spent 45 days in Lebanon, trying without success to get to the United States where they had once lived and where they had relatives. Then they went to Cuba where they had planned a vacation and sought help at the U.S. Interests Section in Havana, which accepted them as refugees after one year of screening.


Chacha, with his wife and four children, are among 108 Syrian refugees to have been resettled in the United States since the conflict began nearly three years ago, according to the State Department. Now, Syrian-Americans, some public officials and human-rights agencies are calling for the U.S. to take in more refugees from Syria, where war has led to one of the largest civilian exoduses in recent history.

Rep. Bill Pascrell Jr., D-Paterson, met with family members Thursday to hear their story and to show support. He called for the United States to increase the number of refugees accepted for resettlement to at least 15,000 this year and to expedite the approval process. [By the way, it is my understanding that Obama does not need Congressional approval to expand the number in an ’emergency’, but if any reader knows otherwise, let us know!—ed]

“We’re not taking in refugees as we should,” said Pascrell, who wrote to President Obama on Jan. 16, asking that more Syrian refugees be allowed in.

Primary reason for the hold-up?  Security concerns!

Syrian refugees have faced roadblocks getting into the U.S. for a number of reasons, including security concerns, ongoing diplomatic efforts and the rapid escalation of war. The Obama administration agreed to take about 2,000 refugees in 2014, according to news reports.

A new facebook page: Diversity’s Dark Side (Like it!)

Longtime readers know that I’ve been looking for years for a way to highlight stories that involve immigrant crimes and cultural clashes that don’t necessarily involve refugees.  This has been especially so with the food stamp fraud stories we’ve posted here as a ‘hobby’ of sorts.

Now, thanks to the help of a reader from Kentucky, there is such a place to gather those news stories.  It is a facebook page entitled appropriately, Diversity’s Dark Side.   By posting news stories that demonstrate the destructive element more uncontrolled immigration is bringing to America, it is a way to balance the usual multicultural mumbo-jumbo, parroted by the mainstream media and the Open borders lobby, about immigrants supposedly bringing strength to communities by bringing “ethnic” diversity.

Here is the “about” at DDS:

Our goal is to gather in one central place reports of crimes, hardships and examples of cultural tension brought to our towns and cities by people who should never have been allowed entrance into our country. We encourage people to question if there really is ‘strength in diversity’.

If you have never read it, this might be a good time to visit our ‘Diversity’ page here at RRW and read this 2007 article about a Harvard study which questioned the whole notion of diversity bringing strength to communities.

If you are on facebook, visit Diversity’s Dark Side and ‘Like it.’  Tell your friends where they can get a daily dose of reality about some of the crooks, criminals and generally those from cultures unwilling to assimilate which we have allowed to enter the US!

Also, some have asked about a twitter account for DDS, until we can figure out how to link the two, you can follow me on twitter.  I am AnnC@refugeewatcher.