Illinois: Sudanese refugee could get another trial in brutal murder

Convicted murderer Gareng Deng, now 22, could get a new trial.
Illinois Department of Corrections / February 7, 2014

Update February 14th:  Go to ‘Limits to Growth’ and check out the photo of the murderer and his victim blogger Brenda Walker found!

He is serving a 35-year sentence (or so I think) for the murder of a 47-year old substance abuse counselor.  He  took her to a bike path and shot her in the head.  The refugee, Garang Deng, was 14 at the time.

Now due to some legal wrangling over the length of his sentence, he may be retried.

From the Chicago Tribune:

When Garang Deng pleaded guilty to murder more than four years ago, it seemed like the final act of a tale that stretched from war-torn Sudan to a peaceful Kane County bike path.

After breaking into the home of Marilyn Bethell of Aurora in October 2005, Deng took her to the Illinois Prairie Path and shot her once in the head, Kane County prosecutors said.

Almost immediately after his guilty plea in 2009, Deng regretted it and began the legal process to withdraw the plea. An appeals court ruled in his favor in June.

Deng is scheduled to return to Kane County on Tuesday in his first court appearance in legal proceedings that eventually could lead to a new trial.

“We’re preparing as if we’re going to trial,” State’s Attorney Joe McMahon said.

Deng, who was 14 at the time of the slaying, was a Sudanese refugee whose family had left the African nation when he was a young boy to seek a more peaceful life. But Deng accumulated a history of juvenile offenses in DuPage County beginning at age 11, authorities said.

No mention of whether he knew his victim or picked her at random.

There is more, read it all.

Remember! “Welcoming” communities are responsible for the legal costs of immigrant criminals!

It’s too bad, as I’ve said before, that the US State Department isn’t financially responsible when one of their refugees is tried in criminal court and sentenced to prison.  Although it is still the taxpayer’s money, it would send a message to Washington if Washington had to pay for expensive court proceedings and prisons!

Big lie! US detaining large numbers of asylum seekers

23,000 Mexicans sought asylum in the US in first nine months of 2013

One of many myths that the open borders crowd is trying to peddle is the notion that large numbers of poor persecuted asylum seekers are being locked up in American jails for years waiting for a court date for their asylum case.  Not true!

Just a reminder, there are two categories of “refugees.”  The term “refugee” is usually reserved for those largely designated by the UN around the world as in need of third country resettlement.  In other words, they have left their own country looking for refuge and the UN then determines they need to be sent to a Western country (or Australia/New Zealand).  The lions’ share of resettled refugees goes to the US.

Then there are the asylum seekers who get into the US on their own steam, either by overstaying a visa (tourist, foreign student etc.), or they come across a border by land, by sea, or by air and ask for asylum (usually after first being apprehended).  They are still illegal aliens!  If granted asylum, they become “refugees” for the purpose of getting taken care of through taxpayer funding, just like the refugees picked by the UN/US State Department.   Of course, as we know, a few states—-Maine for one—-give asylum seekers financial support even before they have been granted asylum/refugee status.

And, don’t forget we just learned that 70% or more of those granted asylum may be frauds!

The immigration lawyers, like those at the ACLU, are working overtime to make you think that large numbers of these asylum seekers are rotting away in American jails, but earlier this week, in one more story about Obama relaxing security screening for refugees and asylum seekers, comes this important bit of news!

Fox News:

Lawmakers, though, specifically cited a newly uncovered Immigration and Customs Enforcement document that showed thousands of asylum seekers were released while awaiting a decision. The document, obtained and reviewed by, showed that in fiscal 2012, just 2,508 of the more than 24,000 asylum seekers were kept in custody.


The ICE document showed that a total of 22,000 were released that year, though a few thousand were actually deported and a small percentage had their asylum requests granted. But thousands more were released on bond, released under supervision, or released under some other status. The document also indicates that officials may have lost track of some asylum seekers. Several hundred individuals are listed in a category that includes people who escaped.

Remember this number—20,000 and increasing each year are illegal aliens seeking asylum and are free to wander America and maybe show up for a court date.

For a laugh! Check out “The Samaritans” a mockumentary about NGOs in Africa

Scott Bartley (seated right), country director of the fictional Aid for Aid: “Many of you will ask who I banged to get this position?”

Here is the story at NewEurope  (hat tip: Jewell).  Be sure to check it out and see the hilarious trailer!

Kenyan producer Hussein Kurji has created a mockumentary which humorously reveals real issues facing international NGOs. The show, titled The Samaritans​, portrays Aid for Aid, a completely dysfunctional NGO.

The show, produced by Xeinium Productions, a Kenya-based production company co-owned by Kurji, is a comedic satire is meant to expose the sometimes dubious nature of large, international NGOs. It centers around the fictional Aid for Aid’s Kenya field office, which, as Kurji put it, “does nothing.”


Kurji explained how, after being asked to pitch a comedy show, he conceived The Samaritans as a mix of The Office and crazy NGO stories he had witnessed or heard from friends who worked with different organizations.

The show includes many of the critiques of big NGOs: the detached bosses who fly in from New York or London to try and micro manage operations in a country they know little to nothing about and lack of transparency or accountability about where and how funds are actually being used, among others.

Speaking of large NGOs out to save the world, I couldn’t help think about one of the largest in the US—The International Rescue Committee, one of nine major federal refugee contractors—and their glittery NYC media events  (at the Waldorf Astoria) and their superstar CEO David Miliband with his nearly half million dollars a year salary!