NY Times: Obama security screening fix will first help those aliens already here

Convicted Iraqi refugee terrorists got through old screening system and yet Obama now makes it even easier to get through!

Everyone is talking about it—the Obama Administration’s relaxation of security screening regulations originally put in place after 9/11.  As we have reported, here***, the “refugee resettlement contractors” were lobbying hard for the rule change because they want to get thousands of Syrians admitted to the US this fiscal year partly because they are embarrassed that the US has not stepped-up to open our “welcoming” doors, and partly because they are paid by the head to bring ’em in. 

Even the New York Times is talking about it (those bad ol’ Republican spoil-sports!):

Republican lawmakers are assailing new exemptions from antiterrorism laws the Obama administration issued this week for war zone refugees seeking to come to the United States, saying the rules are examples of unilateral action by President Obama that weaken immigration security.

The administration, under pressure to respond to the crisis of more than 2.3 million Syrians who have fled the civil war in their country, published two rules on Wednesday that will exempt refugees from provisions banning terrorists. The exemptions apply if the refugees provided only minor material support, such as meals or medical aid, to armed groups that have not been officially designated as terrorist organizations, or if they gave such support under pressure.  [That old sandwich canard!  Can you imagine a prospective refugee admitting that he/she gave a “sandwich to a rebel” at one time?—ed]


“We are a nation of laws, and the executive branch should not be allowed to unilaterally suspend our immigration laws to provide benefits to those who have supported terrorists,” said John Cornyn of Texas, the top Republican on the Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on Immigration.

Administration officials and refugee advocates said the rules were a badly needed fix to sweeping antiterrorism laws passed after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks.

By the way, even the screening in place before last week didn’t keep those Iraqi refugee terrorists who went to Kentucky out of the US.  Maybe the rules needed strengthening not weakening!

Then get this! The NYT says 3,000 are asylum seekers! 

That means they have already entered the US illegally by coming across one of our borders or over-staying a visa! And, at minimum 70% could be fraudulent!

Officials said the exemptions, which would immediately affect some 3,000 asylum applicants, had been in the works for years.

***Check out the contractor Senate testimony—the Lutherans want 12,000 Syrians this year and the Catholics want 15,000 (no mention of favoring Christians!).  It is always a shock to new readers when they learn that Lutherans and Catholics are resettling Muslims in their towns and cities.

Maine Muslims looking for charter school in Lewiston, lie on application

Community organizer and prospective board member of the charter school, Fatuma Hussein, said in January 2013, “We’re here and the sooner people realize that, the better.” Photo: Russ Dillingham/Sun Journal

So what is the next step for “welcoming” communities like Lewiston, Maine that has seen its Somali Muslim population skyrocket in recent years—-yes, they want their own school!

This must have been a pretty exciting hearing before the Maine State Charter School Commission on Friday.

Lewiston Sun Journal (hat tip: Michael).  Emphasis below is mine:

AUBURN — Lewiston School Superintendent Bill Webster is not opposed to a taxpayer-funded charter school opening in Lewiston or Auburn.

But such a school must have a foundation of trust, Webster said Friday as he delivered damaging testimony to the state commission that will decide whether the Lewiston-Auburn Academy Charter School can open.

The Maine State Charter School Commission held a public hearing Friday at Central Maine Community College on the proposed school, which wants to open with 180 students in September.

Webster named three people*** that the application lists as supporters but whom Webster said are not. “It raises some concern about the truthfulness in this application,” he said.

Read about how Webster tracked down those who supposedly sent letters of support but never did.  Then this—is the Gulen school movement involved?

Webster also questioned the proposed school’s ties to Turkish preacher Fethullah Gulen, who, according to Wikipedia, lives in self-imposed exile in Pennsylvania. Webster said charter school applicant Tarlan Ahmadov is courting Lewiston Muslim students for the school.

The so-called Gulen movement includes schools around the country. A New York Times report about Gulen charter schools in Texas raised questions about whether the schools are using taxpayer money to benefit Gulen teachings.

Webster:  If the school is non-religious, why is it targeting Muslims?

None of that means the local charter school would be tied to Gulen or would be a religious school, Webster said. But if the school is non-religious, “why is it targeting Muslims?” he asked.

The application includes 300 surveys from people who support the school, including 201 from Lewiston, of which 180 have names typical of Lewiston immigrants who practice Islam, Webster said.

He said he spoke with a member of the local mosque and was told Ahmadov, the applicant, spoke there and distributed surveys. Webster said he checked with Catholic churches and the East Auburn Baptist Church — the largest churches in the area — and learned Ahmadov did not appear at those churches.

“The bottom line is that, right or wrong, Gulen or not, the parents of this potential school likely view the school as matching well with their Muslim faith and quite possibly that is the only reason they would support the school,” Webster said.

A decision will be made March 4th.

***It’s too much to get into here, but former Mayor Gilbert, mentioned in this article as one of those who supposedly supported the school in a letter, but didn’t, was feted in Washington DC by Soros’ Center for American Progress, here in 2010, for his welcoming attitude toward the Somali demographic and cultural change coming to his town.

We have a lengthy archive on Lewiston, here.  One of our top posts of all time is this oneSomali migration to Maine—it’s the welfare magnet stupid!

Quote in photo caption is here.