Why are we taking “refugees” from Austria…..

…..and Turkey, Sweden, France, Malta, Germany, India, Israel, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Vietnam among others?

We couldn’t possibly be taking the Pakistanis and Afghanis who have been demanding asylum in Austria by camping out in Catholic Churches? Could we? http://www.reuters.com/article/2013/01/23/us-austria-refugees-idUSBRE90M0Z820130123

Since when do those countries have a war or other disturbance going on that would justify the US taking off their hands THEIR immigrant problems? 

Readers, legitimate refugees/asylum seekers are those who leave their country where they are supposedly persecuted and seek asylum in the first safe country in which they land.   There isn’t supposed to be some pass through opportunity to go to America!

Just now I had a look at WRAPSNET (US State Department) where the statistics are kept about which refugees are coming to the US.  Actually at WRAPS there are only a few data bases available to us, the taxpayers, most are password-protected and only available to the special people working in the refugee industry.

One database tells us from what country refugees have arrived in America in the first 4 months of this fiscal year (FY2014) and I was shocked to see we took 572 REFUGEES from Austria in 4 months, but who the heck are they?  Austria is a prosperous safe country!  Are they illegal aliens who entered Austria and to help them out we said, ‘What the heck, we can take them off your hands?’

The statistics don’t tell us the nationalities of those we took from safe countries!  Also, you should know that WRAPS does track the religions of the refugees, but won’t release that information to you (or me!).

We’ve been telling you for years how all this got started—the Bush Administration bent the rules and the US began resettling illegal aliens from Malta.  I see from the stats we have taken 136 off Malta’s hands in the first 4 months of this year alone.  Why is this in our NATIONAL INTEREST?   See our extensive archive on Malta (note to any real investigative reporters out there, we have done your research for you!).

Although we have only taken a tiny number (why isn’t it zero?) from Sweden, France, Germany, Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Vietnam, check out the large number we took-off Turkey’s hands—1,781, South Africa (aka the rainbow nation, the model for the world!)—167 (and you can bet they aren’t persecuted white people), India—138, and the UAE—92.   WTH!

By the way, the big number for Kenya (1,336) probably represents the Somalis we are taking from Dadaab.

Pennsylvania: Burmese refugee shoots wife, faces death penalty

Well what do you know—another refugee criminal case (requiring a translator of course!).***

Never forget! Diversity brings strength to your “welcoming” community, or so we are told!  See our previous post on Burmese living in poverty in America, kids dropping out of school.

Burmese refugee accused of murdering his wife in Bethlehem, PA (Express-Times Photo | BILL ADAMS)

From Lehigh Valley Live  (hat tip: ‘pungentpeppers’ crime finder!):

Prosecutors are seeking the death penalty against a Bethlehem man accused of shooting his wife in the street in front of their children the day a protection-from-abuse order was approved against him.

Win Min Htut is charged with homicide, burglary and criminal trespass in the Dec. 17 killing of 37-year-old Thida Myint.

Prosecutors say they’re seeking the death penalty for three aggravating circumstances: During the killing, Myint committed felony burglary, presented a grave risk to others, his children, and violated the protection order.

Htut remains in Lehigh County Prison without bail. He was scheduled to be arraigned today before Judge Robert Steinberg, but the Burmese interpreter Htut requires was unable to attend due to the weather.

There is more, see how the prosecutors believe the murder went down.

Pennsylvania in top five resettlement states

I’ve been thinking about Pennsylvania ‘finding itself’ in the top five resettlement states in the US.  It occurred to me after we noted that former Governor Tom Ridge signed the Republican ‘bring more refugees to America’ letter with Grover Norquist, that perhaps it was during Ridge’s term as governor that Pennsylvania became an enthusiastic resettlement ‘leader.’

There is a snowball effect, once your state or city becomes a preferred resettlement site, more refugees (often the relatives) of the first group are brought there by the contractors or their subcontractors (they are paid by the head to bring in the family members) and there is also some ‘rule’ the US State Department has about a hundred mile radius in which they place related people.  There is also the secondary migrant effect when refugees resettled elsewhere migrate within the US to be near their people.   Wyomingites!  Do you get that?

***Just for fun I went to our ‘crimes’ category with its 1,396 posts to see how many criminal court cases we wrote about just since the beginning of the year (specifically involving refugees).  Too lazy to link them (you can find them in the crimes category by clicking here).

We had the Colorado Iraqi rapists, the Utah Burmese rape/murder trial, the Iowa Bosnian sex abuse case, the Illinois Sudanese murder retrial, Washington Somali rapist, New York Afghan welfare cheats, Florida Sri Lankan illegal alien trafficking case, California Somalis sentencing in terror funding case, Minnesota Somali woman sentencing delayed (terror funding), and the Nevada Chinese refugee ripping off the casinos!  All within the last seven weeks!

Burmese and Bhutanese refugees arrive in US in poverty, stay in poverty

We’ve written about the report from the Asian Pacific Islander Scholarship Fund previously, but thought this article about a recent briefing in Washington, DC added a few points that need to be high-lighted as well as asks the question:

Why, then, has the plight of refugees largely escaped the attention of policymakers?

I can answer the question!  When the Refugee Act of 1980 (Kennedy, Biden, Carter) was passed and signed into law, skeptics in Congress were assured we were not importing poverty and life-long users of welfare, but we have and we are.  And, more importantly anyone who points that out is immediately called a racist, xenophobic boob.  So what member of Congress would dare to open his or her mouth!

Lawmakers in Washington DC when it comes to the Refugee Resettlement Act of 1980 which has never been reviewed or reauthorized. These monkeys are not just the D’s! https://refugeeresettlementwatch.org/2014/02/11/human-rights-first-praises-ten-open-borders-republicans-who-say-bring-in-the-refugees/

The two largest groups of refugees arriving in the US in recent years are from Asia—the so-called Bhutanese (really from Nepal originally) and the Burmese.  Here is what this latest article says about the damning study and how it impacts the Maryland, Virginia, and DC region  (although really not DC so much since it resettles only a tiny handful of refugees).

From Asian Fortune:

I wonder how many lawmakers actually bothered to listen to the briefing!

In a briefing on Capitol Hill, Delegate Madeleine Bordallo (D-Guam) stated that “…an overwhelming 30% of Burmese Americans live below the poverty line, compared to 13% of the Asian population living in the United States.” Del. Bordallo iterated the need to focus on education, highlighting the fact that 39% of Burmese Americans are high school dropouts, the highest of any Asian America/Pacific Islander group.  [Remember those are the kids, the next generation!—ed]

As we have pointed out ad nauseum since 2008, it’s the meatpacking and hotel industry that presses for more LEGAL cheap immigrant labor while taxpayers subsidize the workers’ lives with welfare and pay for their criminal trials/incarceration!

Several key findings may explain the challenges refugee communities face. Limited English proficiency is a socioeconomic barrier in the refugee adaptation process, and older refugees experience the greatest difficulties in educational attainment. Indeed, older refugees typically find work in low-paying jobs in industries such as meatpacking and hotel-housekeeping that offer little or no benefits, and find it difficult to improve their socioeconomic status. Moreover, the report states that those who arrive as teens or young adults also have a more difficult time adjusting.

I love the way news accounts say they ‘find work’ as if they just watched the employment ads in a local paper.  They find work because the Refugee Resettlement CONTRACTORS act as head-hunters for BIG MEAT and BIG HOTEL!