Malmo, Sweden: Somali unemployment rate at 80% says Soros report

Here is news on one more of George Soros Open Society reports on how Somalis are doing in Europe.  They are doing pretty well in Sweden it seems with 80% unemployed in Malmo and 40% in Stockholm which means they are surviving quite nicely with Sweden’s famed social safety net.

Benny Carlsson Lund University: Somalis value Malmo’s low cost of living! I bet they do!

From The Local:

 The Open Society Foundation published the report as part of a broader look at the Somali diaspora in Europe. It found that 80 percent of Somalis in Sweden’s third largest city are out of work.

“Somalis are falling into a black hole in Malmö because they can’t get jobs,” report author Benny Carlsson of the Lund School of Economics and Management at Lund University told The Local. “(They don’t get) opportunities to practice Swedish and meet Swedes, and are forced to live in crowded flats.”

The situation fostered, Carlsson said, a “diminished overall sense of self-worth”.

The report said Malmö authorities were not reaching out enough with the Somali community, with new arrivals not getting enough information to help them find work.

One suggestion from the study is to get elderly Swedes to take Somalis under their wing, invite them for dinner.

There is a lot more, read it all.

Our previous reports from Soros are here (Helsinki) and here (Oslo).

I thought I had written about the professor before and sure enough, here, he was in Minnesota bragging about Sweden’s generous welfare programs!

Carlsson also cited Sweden’s social safety net which “lets people live at a decent level even if they don’t work, while the same can’t be said of the United States”.

Why work?

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