Australia: Afghan asylum-seeker guilty of groping girls

LOL! An earlier story called it the “Dog-paddle swim sex defence!”

Just so you know that problems with so-called “asylum seekers,” and the question of detaining them, is happening all over the world, here is a case in Australia—a guy named Mohammed can’t resist the infidel girls.  Ho hum! What else is new?

From the Daily Telegraph (hat tip: ‘pungentpeppers):

AN asylum seeker who “traumatised” seven teenage girls by indecently groping them in the Sydney Olympic Park pool had only been in Australia for six months, a court has heard.

Mohammed Salem Nazari pleaded guilty at Burwood Local Court yesterday to two charges of indecent assault on two 18-year-old girls and five offences of indecently assaulting a person under the age of 16 at the pool.

The 33-year-old, who doesn’t speak English, assaulted the girls — the youngest aged 14 — in the Rapid River Ride whirlpool within 25 minutes on December 8.

The asylum seeker had recently arrived in Australia from Afghanistan and was on a bridging visa.

His lawyer told Burwood Local Court last year that Nazari was “a poor or non-swimmer” and only came into contact with the girls due to the current in the pool.

After initially pleading not guilty to the charges during an unsuccessful bail application late last year, Nazari reversed that yesterday and admitted all of the accusations.

Here is that interpreter issue again!  ($$$$ for Australian taxpayers)

Nazari required a Dari interpreter during all of his court appearances.

In Australia they have this so-called ‘bridging visa’ which allows some asylum seekers to roam free, and Nazari’s visa was cancelled when charges were filed.  This is one more case that argues for detention.

Just a reminder!  We learned this week that only a tiny fraction of “asylum seekers” are held in detention in the US.

Immigration Minister Scott Morrison’s office confirmed in December that Nazari’s visa had been cancelled and court papers said he was the “subject of an immigration hold”.

It came after a Coalition crackdown on asylum seekers and bridging visa holders in trouble with the law.

Under the previous government some asylum seekers remained in the community while facing charges with revocations considered on a case-by-case basis.

After serving his sentence, Nazari is expected to be deported.   Frankly, he is too dumb to be allowed to stay.

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